iPad Won't Turn Off

Hi experts,

I have an iPad that i am locked out of. I need to connect it to iTunes and restore it. In order to do that, i need to restart the iPad but it won't turn off or restart.

 - I have tried holding down the sleep/wake button and waiting for the shutdown slider but it doesn't appear.

 - I have tried doing a hard reset by holding the Home and Sleep button down at the same time. I have done this for up to 2 minutes and it never turns off. Apple logo never appears as it should.

 - Both buttons seem to function ok independently

Any other ideas?

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insidetechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let it run until the battery depletes completely and the iPad shuts down.

With the iPad powered off, press and hold the Home button, connect the USB cable from PC/Mac to iPad.

Continue holding the Home button until you see the "Connect to iTunes" screen, then release the Home button.

Open up iTunes to see iPad in recovery mode.
mrwolfAuthor Commented:
Yeah i thought about doing that. It is currently on full charge so i could be waiting quite a while.

I wish it had a battery that could be removed

I'll wait to see if there are any other ideas.
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There is also a suggestion online that for some reason the iPad will only let you do a hard reset with it in Potrait mode.
If your iPad power button does not respond, best to claim warranty and have Apple staff attend to data recovery if possible. If button is defective, even if the battery drains off, you would still be in trouble.
mrwolfAuthor Commented:
Hi Strung,

I have tried those methods, in both portrait and landscape.

I will also try take it to Apple staff at next chance.

mrwolfAuthor Commented:
Hi Insidetech, your solution worked fine. I tried it on the weekend. It seems the power button it faulty as it still doesn't turn off but not much of an issue when the iPad is unlocked.

Thanks all
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