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Zebra ZM400 pallet tag printer on Server 2009 R2 remote desktop services printing problems

I have a server 2008 R2 server running remote desktop services that I want to print to a Zebra ZM400 pallet tag printer.  If I add the printer as a network printer everything works perfectly.  If I just have the printer as a usb printer so a workstation that logs in then its redirected to the easy print driver.  I have set the group policy to look for a driver first then if not found use easy print.  The driver is one the server as I said the network printers work fine.  I tried custom mapping and regardless what I do it grabs the easy print driver.  I have also got error 1111 Driver Zebra ZM400 (203 dpi) - ZPL required for printer Zebra ZM400 (203 dpi) - ZPL is unknown. Contact the administrator to install the driver before you log in again.   The driver been there for weeks.  I am stumped.
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Rodney Barnhardt
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Have you tried disabling Easy Print on through the server's local security policy?

Computer Config -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> RD Session Host -> Printer Redirection -> Use Remote Desktop Easy Print printer driver first -> disabled.
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Yes I have disabled using easy print first. And it works fine with a couple of HP printers that I have loaded the drivers and it uses them first and it uses easy print for printers that have no drivers.  Works perfectly except the zebra that had driver loaded.
Why don't you just install it as a network printer on the 2K8 system? It ought to work fine.
I can setup network printers but its a lot more work as they are all over the country in 3 rd party coolers so wondering why doesn't it work like all the other printers
What are the client PC's?
XP, Vista, 7, 8 and are they x64 or x86?
XP and 7 x86
Its the 32 bit O/S that's causing your problem.
Make sure they are an exact version match; but, install the x64 on the server and the corresponding x86 on the clients and all will be well with the world.
I'm confused as that's my setup I have 64 bit drivers on server and 32 bit on workstation
I think what DavisMcCarn is saying is that you also need to load the x86 driver on the server as well. Even though it is a RDP session, the driver should match the OS.
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Davis McCarn
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Works like a champ now!