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Moving Inter-company Data


I have data that I need to move between a local company and an overseas company to avoid creating excel spread sheets which   is duplication of work. The data refers to new orders placed by the local company (data has container fields ,.jpg) the o/seas company to make comments and return data to Local co. this process continues until all queries are concluded and t5he orders are confirmed.

The Local  and O/Seas companies both have Filemaker Pro 11 installed.
I have a data set which is identified by, in this case a unique  Order Number .
At the moment I have script to collect specific data sets    and export the contents in .fp7   to a fixed location on the network.
Once the data is exported ,the next script step will email an .fp7 attachment to the recipient in the o/seas company who  will in turn , import the data into a matching db  .

The recipient is  restricted to one field for comment. The rest of the data remains unchanged.   They will repeat the process  and return the data to the local co.   where this data set is imported back into the original db. Comments and amendments are again made by the local company and the same data set follows the same process as before top the o/seas company until the orders are confirmed.
I have done some tests and seems like it will work but seems a bit longwinded and I did at the moment I do not know of another way that will be more efficient.
 Is there another way that this can be done ?
I do have FM Server 11...but have not used the  PHP facility and before I go into setting this up I would also like to have an opinion if this will indeed serve my purposes.
I have many more instances where I would like to implement a safe data interchange system
Any ideas will be welcome.
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Rather than exporting and re-importing data, why not simply allow the O/Seas companies to have direct, limited access to the data via FileMaker Server. You could create a restricted Privilege Set that allows them Read-only access to all fields except the Comments field and which allows them to only see records that pertain to their company. This would be far more efficient than the laborious export/import process.
I agree with willmcn, though a method I've used before is this:
place the DB in a shared folder in a cloud. (I've used google drive as well as dropbox successfully) both companies can access the DB and make alterations. It's simple enough to set up a shared folder on a cloud and place the DB file into that shared folder.
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Will Loving
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Thank you for both inputs.The drop box and I cloud option will work on other applications but I feel the route to go is via FMS.
I have had several set up issues so far but will continue and may have questions later.
Many Thanks