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lotus domino smtp routing


I have a question on Lotus Domino SMTP routing. As we have a few different domain names that can be appended to users (ex: and,I would like to have sends with one ending route out via SMTP server A and the others route out via SMTP server B.

Now we already have one SMTP document that routes all email out right now, so I was looking to create a second one and I entered in the source domain as – assume this will inspect the senders internet address – my assumption was wrong from what I can tell. So, any way to split SMTP server usage by sender domain names?

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Why do you want two SMTP tasks? I think you don't have to create a 2nd one. If I'm not mistaken you have to set every individual's mail address manually, or using an agent, in the Address Book (or only the users that are not from the current Internet domain).

How else do you intend to make a difference between the domains?
Hi there dehmerl,,,

I've been through another scenario ,,, where the two SMTP servers were located at the DMZ and both were connected to a CISCO content switch which was configured as a round-robin for load balancing so the switch was making the balance and sending emails to the less loaded machine .

Moreover, I would recommend furether reading on these URLs

Best Wishes
so you have one Notes domain, multiple possible smtp domain names and some people on and some people on right?

If I read this right you want: to go via servera to go via serverb

i.e. based on their smtp 'from' address.  How many servers are there, any clusters etc?  Would it be possible to split off the home server for all the people onto one box, then they could all relay from that box to certain smtp server?

on phone at mo. so haven't looked aat links and might have missed obvious part of question, will look back later on pc.

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Hi All, thanks for the comments so far

@dragon-it, yes that is what I would like to do. I read through the links and it seems to be more destination domain and not sender domain (unless I missed it). I am still researching this myself...
The only way I can think of it working if this is multiple smtp domains on one notes domain is using differnt home servers for users of that domain and setting different mail routing from that box / use relay server setting.

what sort of numbers are we talking here, and how many servers?

I'm pretty sure Dragon is correct you'd have to logically separate the users onto different servers and then dictate at the server level how to handle SMTP. When they're in the same domain or mixed in the same servers there is no policy based smtp routing that I have ever seen. If it's of any help you can definitely use a third party like Proofpoint to do such a thing.

If we knew why you were trying to do this we might be able to come up with something.
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Building new SMTP server and would like to put a test load on it form a group of users that are willing to lend a hand in testing.

I think I can create an internal dummy domain, setup MX records and have a given server reference that domain on what SMTP/MX to use.
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Sorry! I total forgot about this one…
So in the end I created a sandbox setup to test the other domain name using the SMTP servers in our DMZ and I could not see how to split routing to server X for one domain and server Y for a different domain.

also, with a clean sandbox I was able to get close to what you said dragon-it for the foreign smtp docs.

Thanks all…