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Using VPN tunnels for specific ports

Is it possible to use VPN tunnel for one specific port and let all the other traffic follow the normal unsecured ISP path? Can this be done by software application. On a server I have openVPN installed and squeezeserver ( with music database).
Now I would like to connect my squeezebox, wich is located at another office, to this server.
So I'd like to be able to specify that only the squuezebox   connects to the remote server through the VPN tunnel...
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John Easton
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I don't know if you can filter VPN traffic by port, however you can route by IP Address and network - this is standard is many business VPN setups and I think would achieve what you are looking for.

For example, your home network could have the IP range 192.168.1.x, the network your squeezebox is on has IP range 192.168.2.x and the VPN tunnel (and network routing) is configured only to route traffic to the 192.168.2.x network through the VPN while local traffic and internet traffic is uneffected.

This is how we connect small remote offices back to our Head Office!

Hope this helps.
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"Port routing" would require a very sophisticated router / VPN device. It is called "policy-based routing", and allows for more complex rules than target IPs. But I agree in your case the target IP routing should suffice. Each router and OS is able to do that. But how to do it depends on your actual setup. Most simple is if the OpenVPN client/server is also the Internet gateway for each site, then all you need is to set up the routes to the other site in both OpenVPN configs.
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I have a modem/router from my ISP wich gives 192.168.0. x ip adres to the clients.
The server is also behind a ISp router with IP ( but I can use dyndsn here).
So on the server site I install open VPN? But what about the client site?  This is where the squuezebox is located. But instead of installing the squeezeserver software on  a pc at that location I would want to install the VPN client wich connects the squuezebox to the open vpn server ...
Seems like openvpn access server doesn't run on windows homeserver directly. Is it really necessairy to install a virtual Linux system to run this ?
You don't need OpenVPN Access Server. The free OpenVPN Community server works, and it runs on ANY Windows OS. WHS should not be an exception.
the simple answer is "no, you can not use VPN tunnel for one specific port". TCP/IP can distinguish paths only by IP, as routing decision is made on OSI level 3 - = based on IP address.  Tunneling (VPN) is also working on L3. TCP port is extra information, that is not used in routing decision.

however. you may apply some tinkering to work that around. i.e. - you open a VPN towards your sqeezeserver, and route all trafic to this machine (and only to this machine) through that VPN. just make sure, you do not install default route from that VPN :) as long as yo do not use other services than sqeezeserver, that traffic will be routed through VPN.

the you should configure windows server as a RAS (VPN dial-in) server and a client on your side. here is a manual, that looks pretty good --

when you configure VPN connection (client side), get into ICP advanced settings and uncheck "use default gateway on this connection". then all traffic except that subnet on VPN will continue to go directly through old connection.
OThanx for yur answer corower. The VPN is setup on de homeserver. But can I change the VPNport, sice my is^p blocks everything below port 1024 ?
When you say to open a VPN towards the squeezeserver you mean to open a VPN from a pc on the client site , where the squeezebox is installed? I can't make a vpn connection  from a squeezebox can I?
Sorry but can't seem to find " get into ICP advanced settings "
That's a typo. ICP => TCP
Ok, understand typo = mistype ;-)
This is how far I got till now.
On the client site I have a pc that has IP from local ISP router.
Also connected to that router is the squeezebox wich I gave fixed IP

At the server site I have the same ISP router that gives the server IP
On this server I have VPN server enabled that gives IP to VPN client.
On this server I have squeezecenter installed.

Now, at the clients site I could make a VPN connection to the server and got the IP , but when I can't connect the squeezebox to the squeezecenter software on the server site.
How can I let the squeezebox tunnel through the VPN i set up ?
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