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Problem with CD ROM drive


I have a problem getting my CD ROM drive to work. The Operating System I am using it with (MS-DOS 6.22) detects the CD ROM and identifies it as a Wearnes brand which is correct. If I put a CD in the drive I can explore the contents on the drive, so I do not get the "Drive Not Ready" error, but if I run a game which requires a CD for example, it tells me that the CD is not present when it is. Also, the Power LED on the CD-ROM is always on.

I have tried all jumper settings without any success.

Can anyone help?
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This is not a connection problem, it looks that it is related to the logical conditions established by your game. For completing the physical tests, try to copy some or all of the files from the CDROM to disk, so you will be aware that there are not reading issues relate to the optical media and the reader

Let us know the results
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I need to delete this question and compose a new one.
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

The information in my question is inaccurate.
For DOS you need the CDROM driver loaded in config.sys AND mscdex.exe loaded in autoexec.bat.  Both should name the CDROM as drive D:.  I say drive D: because the game is probably expecting the CDROM to be drive D: and having a different drive letter is causing the games installer to fail.
which one is your intended question ?
Nope, sorry, I do NOT want to delete this question. Sorry for the confusion.

Okay...I've having the same problem with the drive in Windows XP, I thought I wasn't but I am i.e. the drive is detected by the OS, I can explore the contents of the CD with the CD ROM but when running certain games it says it cannot find the CD when it is present.

Some games which require a CD are running fine, others are not.

Very grateful for any advice.

The information is in fact, accurate, my mistake.
I can install the games fine, running them is difficult.

The CD ROM driver is loaded in Config.sys and Mscdex.exe is loaded in Autoexec.bat
In response to schnellsolutions. I can copy files from the CD ROM to my computer without any problems.
Does this game work somewhere?

It looks like a game requeriment that is not been accomplished
When using this Wearnes CD ROM, the game does not work in MS-DOS 6.22 or Windows XP. If I use a different CD ROM, the game runs fine in MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows XP.
Can you give and example of the games that work and those that don't in the Wearnes drive?
Sounds like it might be an issue with CD protection software on the disk.
Grand Theft Auto does not work with the Wearnes drive. But it runs without any problems with another CD-ROM drive.

Outlaws seems to work with the Wearnes drive without problems. This game also runs fine with another CD-ROM.
The always on power led is usually an indicator that the drive is cabled/jumpered incorrectly.  Is the drive on a separate cable as master or slaved to another drive with the same cable?
Hi Johnny,

The drive is slaved to another drive (the hard drive) with the same cable.

I suggest you connect your CD ROM drive to a secondary port and set it as 'Master'.

Try that and see how you go.
Thanks, I'll try that.
I tried connecting the CD-ROM drive to the Secondary IDE port and set it as Master.

No luck.

What's the model number of the CD ROM drive?

When you connected it as Master to the Secondary port, was it sharing the port with a slave device?

Can you eliminate other causes by attaching just the HDD to the Primary port and just the CD ROM to the Secondary port...

Ensure both devices are properly jumpered.

Are you 100% confident the IDE ribbon data cable is faultless?

Are you using 40-wire or 80-wire IDE cables?

Do you know the model number of your motherboard?

I am unsure of the model number, but it might be: 610M820A002494.

It was not being shared with a slave device when connected as the Master on the Secondary port.

I have tried all jumper combinations for the CD ROM.

I am 100% confident the IDE ribbon data cable is faultless because I can use another CD ROM drive with the same jumper configuration to that used on the Wearnes Drive.

I am using 40-pin IDE cables.

I don't know the model number of the motherboard I am using it on, but it is a Socket 5 Intel brand board.

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I believe this is the best solution to the problem.