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Access Query with Where Clause

I created the code below so when i am comparing these two tables, i retrieve only the results where the email address for a cell phone number is not the same.  This would indicate the number has been reassigned to another user.  

I thought i could just use a where clause indicating the email address in each table not being equal, but i keep receiving a popup to enter data.  

What should my code look like to make this query function properly.  

SELECT New_List.Email_Address, New_List.Cell_Number, Baseline.Cell_Number, Baseline.Email_Address
FROM Baseline RIGHT JOIN New_List ON Baseline.Cell_Number = New_List.Cell_Number
WHERE ((([New].[List].[Email_Address])<>[Baseline].[Email_Address]));

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So i had it right, just a documentation error on my part.  thx
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"i keep receiving a popup to enter data"

When you get a popup asking you for a field value that is a pretty good indication that you have listed a field that does not exist somewhere in the query.

As Peter indicates, your syntax:


is not correct, at least not based on the rest of the query.