Exchange 2010 email relay question

I have mail relay setup already and it works. My question is should I be pointing whatever apps that's using mail relay to the CAS server or the actual exchange server? Right now I have the apps set to the CAS server.
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davorinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On that server you have both roles - CAS and hub transport. That's why it works.

(You have posted for both servers the same IP
What do you mean with actual exchange server? Whatever exchange role is hosting the server it is the actual exchange server.
About roles:
 For SMTP traffic it is responsible hub transport server (or with combination with edge transport role), so you should point the app to the server hosting this role.
CAS role is responsible for clients checking mail. Mailbox role holds user mailboxes.
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iamuserAuthor Commented:
My Cas server is
My HUB & Mailbox server is

- Users point to my CAS server I know that.

- In EMC, I've already configured relay on the connectors.

- Question is,  where do I point my application to send email to, my CAS server or my HUB & Mailbox server?

Right now I have it pointed to my CAS server and it works but I'm not sure if that's recommended practice
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Sir i gave the answer already, just read it.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
And it will be hub server. you need to point.
iamuserAuthor Commented:
thank you, is there any harm to have it point to the CAS server? It is working
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Is this server running on CAS role. I doubt HUB role is also there. Would you run this command and post it here

Test-Servicehealth from EMS

Check this too

SMTP communication is handled by the Hub Transport server in an Exchange organization

If this server is with Hub/CAS role then there is no harm let it continue and no changes required.
iamuserAuthor Commented:
I ran the command and this was what i got

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