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email client

I am using a mac mini and for some reason mail got screwed up and I changed to thunderbird.  This works fine but I am looking to go to another email software.  Do you know of any out there that I would be able to export my thunderbird emails and folders and all my contacts into that would work?  Doesn't matter if it is is pay or free.
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Are you not happy with the apple mail client?  I would first suggest that.

My second choice would be thunderbird, and my third choice would be Outlook.

Also, have you considered using a web-based email service such as gmail?
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I might try outlook.
If I do go with outlook will I be able to transfer my emails and folders and contacts from thunderbird?
Yes you will need to use a MBOX to PST conversion tool.  Here is one, but there are many alternatives as well.
Exporting from thunderbird is not a big deal.  I think the key you are looking for I is what alternative email program to use.  Make that decision and we can help you export and import so you don't lose any information.  Thunderbird has export tools for its address book and it's email.  I personally like gmail as I can get to it on any machine in the world.  Before you jump out of TB, why don't you want to use it?  Maybe we could suggest an add-on or two too make it better for you.
The reason I don't like TB is because of how it displays the emails in my inbox.  The font is so small.
So, if you could find a solution for increasing the font size in Thunderbird, that would be sufficient.  I am sure Thunderbird has settings where you can increase the font size.
Can you find out for me on the font size for the inbox because I have been able to change many other font sizes but not that one.
There is a addon that will allow you to change all font sizes in thunderbird:


Make sure you install this addon to your Thunderbird and NOT to your Firefox.
mkramer777, it looks like activematx pointed you in a good direction with that extension.  Do you need help installing?
I installed the add on but now I'm having trouble finding where in the program to increase the font size of the inbox.   Still can't see where that would be.
I'm assuming you restarted Thunderbird, correct?
After that, you should be able to go to
Tools->Theme Font Size and Changer select the Size and set that to what you desire, it should update automatically.

Let me know if you have any issues, or require screenshots.
I found out where to increase the size of the fonts.  But it increases everything in every area.  YOu can't specify anything.  Plus if I increase the size to let's say 18 the rows of the inbox messages are not wide enough to accomodate.  Half of the words are cutoff.  This can't be how it works
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