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Pass-through authentication - XenApp 6.5 RP1 - Receiver 3.4


I have a problem with Pass-through authentication on publish desktop.
A Receiver Enterprise v3.4 is installed on XenApp servers 6.5 RP1 for publish applications.
Users are receiving intermittently the following message “The logon method is incompatible with this server. Your logon method has been changed to prompt user”
When the problem appears, SSONSVR.exe doesn't exist in the user session.

Do you have an idea why the SSONSVR don't start?

Thanks in advance
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Skyler Kincaid
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We saw this same issue for a client and this fixed it:

I believe it is caused by a memory error that causes it to crash and it was mostly in Windows XP. Microsoft was supposed to release a fix but I don't think they have yet and probably never will.

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did you tried recreating the user profile? also try to uninstall the client and check
Why do you have Receiver 3.4 installed on the XenApp server itself?!!

Your receiver 3.4 should be installed on your client PCs unless you want one of the users to connect to the XenApp server using the Windows 2008 R2 server as a client!!

Remove the receiver 3.4 from your XenApp server.


Users don’t want directly launch publish applications from their clients (a lot of different terminal).
They want a publish desktop to launch their applications.

Recreat user profile don't solve problem. It appears randomly for a user or another, never the same.
Tomorrow, I try to look why the access times between XenApp servers and file server is so slow at a moment.
Even with a published desktop you will have the citrix receiver on your client side ----- one minute.... Unless you are streaming the applications to your 2008 R2 servers?? Is this true? Otherwise I can't see why you need the receiver installed on the XenApp server.
I’m ok with you, I can put shortcut directly on the published desktop, but some applications not been installed on all servers (because not compatible in the same server) and other applications are installed on XenApp v5 (because not compatible with Windows 2008 R2).

I don't use streaming.
So let me get that straight. Your user will start his published 6.5 desktop, then start IE and go to your XenApp 5 environment web interface and launch the XenApp 5 environment application. So you are trying to have an ICA session tunnelled through another ICA session - double ICA sessions. Is this true?
Not exactly, PNAgent start on the published desktop to show XenApp 6.5 applications (Session Sharing, application start in the same ICA session has desktop) and some XenApp 6.5 and XenApp 5 applications (less used) are on dedicate servers (ICA application on ICA desktop), i know it's not a good solution but i don't have another.
OK, I get it. But, as you said this is not a good solution; add to this that an ICA session through another ICA session is not really recommended. Anyway, certain requirements sometimes necessitate such configurations. But would your users accept to start several published desktops rather than start applications from another server within your desktop session?

Anyhow, did you modify the registry value ssonticketttl? What value then?
Users want to have only one desktop.

I have apply the register key today. I wait 3 days and make a return on the forum.

Register key "ssonticketttl" has solved my Pass-through problem.
Now I try to see why logon is long.  Roaming profile take a long time to load.

Register key "ssonticketttl" has solved my Pass-through problem.