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More then one Remote desktop name and password to keep

I have 5 different Remote desktop shortcuts
They do keep the RDP port number if I save it

But the last used login name and password used on a external XP machine is after
logoff and opening another RDP transferred to that other RDP

How to save the different RDP shortcuts so they also remember username,password
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well did install , created a name for the group, then I am totaly stuck how to add the different RDP clients, just did not see how to add a one
Right click the group and add server
ok, that works, can i do something on speed, there is a slower screen then the "plain-rdp"
I don't understand.   RDP Manager connects just as fast as RDP,  it's using the same functionality.     Sometimes i have 10-15 connections going at once and have had no issues with speed.
oK, Found ,  in tools you can play with settings , it will make differance in speed
thanks for help , solved my problem
have a nice weekend
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create the group.. right click on the group and add the clients
thanks afterall David Johnson, we are working now