Remote access RDS Server

Environement: Windows 2008 R2 RDS Server


I am looking for a product that I will install on my Windows 2008 R2 RDS Server so users will be able to access their RDS sessions remotely

Something like LogMeIn or Teamviewer that supports a multiuser RDS environment

Unfortunately I cannot give remote acces to the RDS server because of strong firewall rules

That is the reason I though someting like LogMeIn or Teamviewer would be a perfect solution but it should support a multi user environment (so every RDS remote user will be able to connect to its own RDS session)

Someone can help me ?

Thank you very much
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Ayman BakrConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
To stress the point, with RD Gateway you do not need to open port 3389. You will only need port 443 as it is a secure connection with SSL/TLS packets encapsulating your intended 3389 communication. So only port 443 is required to be open.
Skyler KincaidNetwork/Systems EngineerCommented:
Most of the time a gateway server is used so that users use the gateway server to be able to access the network remotely.

I don't know of any remote tools that support multiple sessions.
gadsadAuthor Commented:
But any Gateway server will require changes on the firewall to allow incoming connexions, isnt it ?
The problem is that my firewall do not allow any incoming connexions and I am looking for an alternative solution without having to change the firewall
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Even TeamViewer or LogMeIn would need ports to be opened on the firewall for the connections to work!! Moreover, on a corporate level, these products might not be right for you and they may turn out to be a headache; see this:

On the other hand, Windows 2008 R2 can cater for your need by setting up RD Gateway and RD session host, etc...
gadsadAuthor Commented:
DO you mean I can install Windows 2008 R2 RD Gateway and RD session host and set up remote accès without opening port 3389 on the Firewall ?

My problem is that I cannot open port 3389 on the Firewall, my ISP do not allow me to open any incoming port

Also I did install sucessfully LogMeIn in many machines (XP,7, Server 2008....) and it works fine without opening any port in the firewall

I only have problem with the RDS/TSE server

Thank you again
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Nope; with RD Gateway you are providing your internet users access to internal resources through HTTP SSL/TLS. Which means the communication will be encapsulated within port 443. See this:
However, if you still have many restrictions then you can stick with TeamViewer or LogMeIn.
gadsadAuthor Commented:
But I do not know if TeamVIewer or LogMein allows multiuser configuration to access multiple sessions in the RDS Server. Is it?

Or any other solution you may know about ?

Skyler KincaidConnect With a Mentor Network/Systems EngineerCommented:
I don't know of any solution that provides multiple connections. You need to use a Gateway server as mentioned in my first post and chatted about in the rest.
serialbandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are other cheaper solutions to Windows RDS or Citrix, but they'll all require an open incoming port.

Does your ISP block all ports?  If not, you can change your RDS port to something else.  Other RDS solutions would require the same thing.  You can't initiate a connection to your server if you don't allow access.  If you're not able to open any incoming port at all, then you can't run a remotely accessible server on your own machine.

You'd have to use the teamviewer method which means you run an external server and connect to it.  Do you trust teamviewer's servers?  They've opened the port for you to connect to and you're connecting to their server from both your systems.  They're basically a man-in-the-middle.
gadsadAuthor Commented:
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