Dear Experts,

I am using EZVPN (ASA5510 ---to ----CISCO2800),
its working fine but when i will go to ASA and Monitoring-->VPN-->VPN Statistics-->Sessions it will appear under IPsec Remote Access, I want it to display under Site-to-Site session.
Is it possible?

Secondly, I want to know EZVPN is a Remote Access type VPN or Site-to-Site VPN.

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My apologies. I misunderstood the question.

Yes, EZVPN is considered "Remote Access" as IPSec policies are centrally managed on the server (in this case the ASA) and pushed to the client via the Mode configuration. In this case you are using a router to establish the site-to-site VPN.

Rest assured that you are using IPSec and this is a site-to-site VPN per Mode network-extension.
Can you post a scrubbed (no real passwords, keys, usernames, etc.) copy of your running-config for the 2800 and the ASA?

On the 2800 you should have something like:

crypto ipsec client ezvpn "some_name"
connect auto
group "your_group_name" key mykey
mode network-extension
peer "peer address"
username "name" password "password"
nainasipraAuthor Commented:
dear naderz,

its same configuration on 2800, but why its showing session on RA rather than Site-to-Site on ASA,
i want to make Site-to-site VPN not RA VPN.

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