Include fragments of html files from another website into a coldfusion web page on CF8 or CF10


Is there way to include fragments of html files from external website/domain into a coldfusion web page. Currently, we run CF8 version but, if required upgrade to CF10.

Thank you in advance
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Gurpreet Singh RandhawaConnect With a Mentor Web DeveloperCommented:
what do you mean by fragment of files,

You can use cfhttp tag to call external web page files and display them in some kind of DIV
jmergulhaoAuthor Commented:
From what I understand from a preliminary question, a client is asking if we can grab a part of content (a paragraph) of a html file located on another domain and display it on one of our cfm pages.

I have not used cfhttp before (we had no requirements for it) but, I believe it should work if we are dealing with static html page. There might also be consideration if the domain in question is https.

Also, if that is one of the variables - our site is https.
jmergulhaoAuthor Commented:
Sounds like a good direction to look into.
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