dns question

domain abc.com

say i have create a child name server

but abc.com domain name server is set to ns1.xyz.com and ns2.xyz.com

so  in plesk dns zone.
i will have ns record point to ns1.xyz.com and ns2.xyz.com
a record ns1.abc.com point to
a record ns2.abc.com point to
( do i still add ns record ns1.abc.com and ns1.abc.com )

mx record use google mx

did i miss something?

now another domain want to use ns1.abc.com and ns2.abc.com
so the plesk ns record should have ns1.abc.com and ns2.abc.com

mx record use google mx

did i miss something  expert?

but when i use google dns check
it show:

Status: WARN
Domain SHOULD have at least 2 NS servers.
Info Learn more
Status: WARN
All name servers SHOULD resolve to IP addresses.
Info Learn more
Status: WARN
There SHOULD NOT be a mail exchanger set up on naked domain name.
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corowerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for nameservers for domain abc.com -
if you are unable to change data at servers at xyz.com, then you should change servers to ns1/ns2.abc.com (ones, you have created).
on servers itselve you should include them as NSes for their domain.

say both on ns1 and ns2 .abc.com you shold have _both_ records, and both should be pointed to your IPs.

abc.com.  IN NS ns1.abc.com.
abc.com.  IN NS ns2.abc.com.
ns1.abc.com. IN A
ns2.abc.com. IN A

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at least two must be specified. there could be more than two, of course.
(if there is an origin statement, you may use @ instead of "abc.com.")
note the dots after FQDN.

if you still need those XYZ.com nameservers, specify them as NSes. their ip is not needed then (at least at this time/place)

now for MX.
MX records should be something like
abc.com. IN MX 10 mail.abc.com.
abc.com. IN MX 20 abc-mail.backup.com.

Open in new window

if your MX server is in the domain iself - the IP for DNS name must be specified (as A record) in same zonefile.. like -- mail.abc.com. IN A
if your MX server is in different domain, you should specify it's IP in it's domain, not in this file. anyway, MX servers DNS name must be resolvable.

is it clearer now ?
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