Internet Security Devices with add-on features

I have a client with the following type of network:

  - Peer-to-Peer
  - DNS and DHCP are handled via an Linksys WRT54G
  - No servers present

They want to upgrade to a security device that has the following features:

  - WAN bonding/failover
  - Business grade firewall
  - Content filtering (by IP address and device name)
  - Gateway antivirus
  - Bandwidth throttling by device
  - DNS and DHCP services

Against my recommendation, they do not want to install a server at this point to handle DNS and DHCP.  Rather, they want the security appliance to handle this.

Can anyone recommend a good device (specific model would be great) that has as many of the features as listed above?

Thank you in advance.
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carlmdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Initially I would recommend an NSA3600 TotalSecure. This has an MSRP of  $5,913, but can be had for about 15% less.

If that is out of your price range I would then consider an NSA250M TotalSecure, with an MSRP of $2,260, and the same probable discount of 15%.

Note that each of these has a one year subscription to all services and 7x24 hardware maintenance. If you have another UTM type device to trade in (Secure Upgrade Plus), you can get an additional year of subscription for free.

Sonicwalls are managed via a web browser based interface, which makes this task easier.
I use Sonicwall NSA 3500 Firewalls. Has all those features and it's nice to work on....
I second the Sonicwall recommendation. The correct model for your use would depend upon the number of users and type of traffic.
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YortAuthor Commented:
TwoKJM and carlmd - Thank you both for your recommendation.  I am researching it now.  I am going to leave the question open a bit longer as I would like to get some additional recommendations.
If you provide some info as to the number of users and an idea of what they do, I can provide a recommendation as to a specific Sonicwall model.
YortAuthor Commented:
carlmd - about 40-50 users.  A call center.  Most activity is limited to just a few website, hence the need to lock down certain devices via netbios name.  A few users will need unrestricted access.
YortAuthor Commented:
Client decided to go with NSA250M.

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