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Computer task list keep open iexplore.exe and close by it selft

hi, I thought this computer got virus, but after malwarebyte scan and clean, only good for a half day,  the other day happen again, I check the start up , nothing show there. the task list keep popping up iexplore.exe and closing by itself. any software can clean this virus?
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Ben Hart
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First off you don't know it's a virus.  Have you scanned the machine in Safe Mode?
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yes, I found this because it keep poping a message for sysfader iexplore.exe application error, yesterday malwarebyte it did detect a Trojan and I have deleted it. and today this message showed up again.
I have roll back the system couple days ago status, now run the malwarebyte, can't find anything, msg didn't pop yet, hopefully it will be ok now.
Next suggestion was to be a System Restore... you did not mention the trojan initially.
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after restore the system, it seems ok now.