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We've just used a migration tool to copy content from our 2007 to 2013 environments, splitting the original site collection into several smaller ones on the way.  Now, my custom content types are all at the top-level site and don't appear to be available to any other site collections.  I'm happy to create a content type hub and publish the content types, but

1) can a top-level site in a site collection act as the content type hub, even though it has other content in it (staff lists, announcements, IT help files, etc), and

2) how do I move the content types to a content type hub site collection?

Thanks for your help.
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ivan_vaguninConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1) Short answer is yes ) In fact it is not site acting as content type hub, but whole site collection. You can specify which content types to publish to consuming site collections from the content type collection of top level of hub site collection. So you can publish only that types you what to publish and ignore others.

2) You can deploy the content types to hub site collection just as you deployed them to other site collections (e.g. if they deployed via feature - activate feature).
If there is no way to redeploy content type to hub site collection, you can use content type publishing mechanism. Set site collection containing required content type as temporary hub. Publish required content types, wait until content types are copied to new hub site collection and unpublish them in temproray hub. After that new hub site collection will have a copy of the content type and you can assign new content type hub.

Br, Ivan Vagunin
Justin SmithConnect With a Mentor Sr. System EngineerCommented:
1. Yes.  Any site can be a content hub, just go to Site Collection Features and activate the Content Hub feature.  You would also need to publish any content type you want to show up on other sites.  In the CType settings, after you activate the hub feature, you'll have publishing options.  Then you'll need to set the Hub URL on your Managed MetaData Service Application (required).  You can do this when you initially create the service app, or later by using PowerShell.  Any site that is subscribed to the MMS will get published content types.

Set-SPMetaDataServiceApplication <name> -HubURI <hub url>

2. Echo what Ivan said.
nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
Thanks, both of you.  I activated the CH feature and now I have another question: I published a content type and there is only one MMS available, with no content types subscribed.  How do I subscribe to a content type?
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Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
1. Your MMS must have the Hub URL configured.  You can confirm by selecting your MMS in Central Admin, and clicking Properties in the ribbon.

2. Your web apps must be connected to the MMS.  This can be found in Central Admin - Manage Web Apps - select your web app and click the service connections button in the ribbon
nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
That confirms what I thought I knew.  The MMS does have the Hub URL listed in its properties and the web app is associated with the MMS.

The content type I'm playing with was published:
"Last successful published date: 5/29/2013 1:48:57 PM "

In the Subscribed Content Type list:
"No content types have been subscribed."

What timer job or other service should I check?
nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
Oh, and there are no errors in the Content type publishing error log.
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
There are two Content Hub timer jobs, one for the Hub and one for the Subscribing web app.
nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
Yep, I got it, thanks.  A little patience for the jobs to run was needed, and I needed to publish and THEN let the timer jobs run.  A good night's sleep fixed it.

Thank you for your help, both of you.
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