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Hi all,

My LAN fiber topology is star using cisco switchs and AP with cisco router, the using of the network is for surfing the net at the moment and may we build servers in future.
My question is what is the benefit I will get if I change the topology from star to ring? And which one is the best for now and for future?

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pergrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The benefit is redundancy. With a ring, if one leg breaks you still have connectivity.

With a ring you need to run some sort of spanning tree, which will shut down one leg on the ring in order not to cause a loop. When the STP discovers that one leg is actually broken, the STP will open up the leg it had shut down for loop avoidance.

The negative with a ring is that all traffic travels on the same fiber, while with a star each switch has its own uplink.

What's best depends on your traffic patterns. A star but with two core switches is probably the most common.
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