Dell PowerEdge R210 Hard Drive Failure

I have a 3 year old Dell PowerEdge R210 server with RAID 1. It is a 4 user SBS 2008 setup

One of the drives has failed and is running now as Degraded for the Virtual Disk.

The same drive model is no longer available from Western Digital. Can I introduce a new drive that is a different model? The drive is a 1TB in size.

Also what are the best steps to change the drives? The backup is solid using Storage Craft Shadow Protect.

Any help I can get is appreciated.
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teomcamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To change the HDD
1-Turn off your server
2-Remove the broken HDD
3-Add the new one
4-Turn on your server and enter RAID utility
5-Set the new HDD as Hot Spare

As soon as you set the new HDD as Hot Spare system will take care of the rest
teomcamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes you can use even bigger size HDD but RAID will use only equal size of other HDDs.
Get a replacement drive from Dell directly. Only those disks are certified to run properly. If they don't have one of the same capacity, get a larger one.
Take Rindi's advice, and to answer the 2nd part of the question, just put in the replacement drive WHILE the system is booted.  Rebuild will be automatic.

However, since all the drives are at tail-end or even past warranty, best practice is to do a full backup first.  Rebuilds are stressful and you better take a full backup while you can.
GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
Ok so Dell is able to sell me a 1TB but a different model. That should work then correct?

Could it be an issue if one drive has a smaller disk space available (e.g. by a few MB)? I think I have read about this someplace that sometimes the available space can be different even it the total size is the same.

The current drive in Dell Server Administartor shows as 930.99GB for size
Dell certifies specific models for all of their controllers.  If Dell says that particular Dell disk is supported, and it is compatible with the drives and RAID you already have, buy it.  

People pay a premium for Dell because they do test interoperability and have a human that answers such questions.  They'll also take back a product if they screw up and give you bad info.  If they asked for your hardware ID/system number and looked it up, or you told them what you have, then no worries.
The size problem is down to whether you have generic WD disks or DELL ones, Dell set the size slightly smaller than the generic disk so that they can ensure multiple vendors disks are all exactly the same size. Look to see if it has a Dell part number as well as the WD one, alternatively phone WD support and they can tell by serial number if it is a Dell one or not.
GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
Ok got the drive from Dell. Installed it and now I think it is rebuilding but I'm not sure.

First in the Perc S100 the option to configure a global hot spare was grayed out so I booted to windows. It took a while before it would open Dell Open Manage (about 10 min). Then after it open I saw the Virtual disk still as degraded but also the new disk showed up.

Then I rebooted

Now I'm logged in to Open Manage but under storage dashboard I have "no storage controllers detected". There is a lot of hard drive activity (front little light is blinking).

Is it rebuilding now? Where do I check for the rebuild status. In the manual it says it can take several hours? I have my fingers crossed.
GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
Here is what I got when I go in to the PERC BIOS
I'm rebooting to windows again
GerhardpetAuthor Commented:
Got it to work. Rebooted and went back in to Open Manage.

Then I was able to see disks and deleted the new disk from virtual disks. Then assigned as hot spare and now it is rebuilding.

Windows is operational.

Thanks for the help.
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