WSS - Add a "!Modified" or "!Updated" icon to a document or list item

Using WSS 3.0

Is it possible to add a "!Modified" or "!Updated" icon next to a document or list item whenever the document or list item has been modified? It should work similiar to the "!New" icon and disappear after a certain time period.
I have Office SharePoint Designer to work with.
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Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this is possible either through the XSLT
or you manipulate the HTML client side through jQuery.

waverazorAuthor Commented:
Regarding the solution in the link.  It seems it must be done for each library or list on a site.  Would you know how to make the change one time that applies to all libraries and lists?

Can you point me to an example using jQuery?
I have attempted to implement this code in the ItemStyle.xsl file in order to apply it to all libraries and lists.  I have already successfully done this with similar code that makes the "New!" icon appear on Content Query Web Parts, but for some reason the code in this solution (which is very similar) doesn't appear to work and throws up error messages on my CQWPs when added to "ItemStyle.xsl".
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