Outlook 2007 Calendar Cancellation Notice Issues

We have a user who cancelled a meeting and when she did, it sent some attendees multiple cancellation noices and others are getting meeting invite sent again.

User's Outlook has sufficient service pack.
We have Exchange 2003 but cleaned all iOS devices and only have the most recent versions.

Any ideas??
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syseng007Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We solved the issue by migrating the mailbox to another datastore...
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Hi syseng007,

Are you able to replicate the issue?
Was the user the original creator of the meeting?
Was it a recurring meeting?
Was the meeting created before a service pack update?
Is everyone on Outlook 2007?
Are there delegates assigned to user or the original owner of the meeting?

Any one of these issue can affect the cancellation updates, so any information you can find out will be most helpful
syseng007Author Commented:
I solved my own issue
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