DHCP gets IP but not Name Servers

I have a DHCP server scope setup for a particular vlan.  When clients boot from that vlan, they recieve  correct address, subnet mask, domain name & wins server IP'ss for that vlan.  However, the clients are not getting receiving the 005 Name Servers as specified in the Scope options.  When I type ipconfig /all on a client, there's no listing of a DNS server.  Why would IP work, but not Name Server scope?

The dhcp server is running 2003 SR2
Client is XP
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vivigattConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The correct option for DNS server is 006, not 005 !
Brad BouchardConnect With a Mentor Information Systems Security OfficerCommented:
You probably have the options set at the scope level rather than the server level.  Try going one option down (from scope options you should see server options) and setting your Name Servers.  That, and they may already be set there.
Edmonds_ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys!  That was it exactly!
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