Reverse Black for White. Adobe Illustrator “Live Trace”

I want to create a film positive for screen printing using live trace. I think it will help if I switch the black and white on the output of Live Trace, but I need instructions on doing that. Thank you.
jampostGeneral MaanagerAsked:
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Sigurdur ArmannssonConnect With a Mentor Designer Commented:
In the Live Trace panel check where it says: Output to Swatches.
When the tracing is done, double click the output colors in the Swatches panel and edit to what you need.
jampostGeneral MaanagerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.  I can see where you can change the color of the blackened area. I want to make what is black, white, and what is white black. Maybe I am missing something in the swatches panel.
jampostGeneral MaanagerAuthor Commented:
You were right. I found it. Thank you.
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