Deploying Microsoft Remoteapp to a lab image.


I have a working Windows Server 2012 RemoteApp server setup and running. I can use the web portal and or GPO to push Remoteapps to my end users desktops. I even have SSO working which makes life so nice.


Im building a new lab image. I would like to setup a default profile which has Remoteapps pre placed around the desktop and I would like to change the name of the default location Remoteapps is deployed to via GPO.

I can setup a new image and make everything look just the way I like it via my AD account.

My problem.

I use WindowsEnabler to copy my profile to the default profile. Login with a different AD account and everything still looks the way I like it.
Now when a user tries to open a Remoteapp he/she gets a error that the path cannot be found.

I think its because the RemoteApp path is going back to my AD account.
and not the new users account.

The Remoteapp path is
%systemroot%\system32\mstsc.exe "C:\Users\MYADACCOUNT\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Workspaces\{SOME STRING OF NUMBERS}\Resource\NAME OF APP

If I login with my AD account everything work perfectly.

How can I fix this?
I want to say, If I put some type of wildcard where MYADACCOUNT is it should work. But I dont know what that is.

Thank you for your time!
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TRTurnerConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I had to access the website via firefox with a computer off the domain. That allowed me to download the file and place it on the desktop as needed.

I did need to change the icon but it was an easy fix with a quick good search.

Deploying a remote app is nothing but creating a shortcut to a custom .rdp-file.
But I would simply deploy the RemoteApp as MSI package - that way, a shortcut will be available to all users. The MSI can be produced by the wizard at the server and installs in seconds.
TRTurnerAuthor Commented:
I was under the impression Microsoft removed the MSI builder in Windows Server 2012.
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

Oops. My bad - you are right, I am sorry. Please look at which tells you that you can use GPOs to configure start menu entries that feature the RemoteApps.
By the way, did you simply try "%appdata%\Microsoft\Workspaces\{SOME STRING OF NUMBERS}\Resource\NAME OF APP" already?
You know what, reading through and seeing the options, I tend to look into creating the MSI packages manually. Should be no problem to analyze one made by 2008 R2 and modify it to your needs.
TRTurnerAuthor Commented:

I pulled an MSI RDP file from WinSrv 2008r2 but it looks like the file is full of encryption code.

I changed everything I could read to the new servers configuration but no luck.
Ok, will try to "encode" such a file myself tomorrow.
I can see nothing cryptic :)
Install the freeware wininstall LE by scalable software - you can import the MSI and exchange the files it carries. Only two files are present: the rdp file and the icon file.
TRTurnerAuthor Commented:
I found out how to fix it.
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