email delivery error. need help troubleshooting.

I have a client with a mindspring email address and we recently convertered her email service to Google Apps for Business to be able to sync email messages between mobile devices and multiple computers.  The google apps email account is setup to utilize the google email servers to send email messages utilizing her email address since she has existing clients, printed literature, etc that still use that as her primary business email address.

Now to the problem:

My client has a person that they are corresponding with who lives outside the USA and they are having trouble sending her emails since we did the conversion.  Below is a copy of the bounce message that they get when trying to send her email messages.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:       Delay Warning Messages
Date:       02 Jun 2013 23:41:21 +0700
From:       Mail Delivery System <>


This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.



Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.


The reason for the problem:
4.1.2 - Bad destination host 'DNS Soft Error looking up (MX) while asking recursive_nameserver0.parent. Error was: unable to reach nameserver on any valid IP'

Have looked at both mindspring dns and google spam server and even added the sender to the spam whitelist but he is still getting this error when sending email messages to her address.

Any help with troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated!!  You can private message me if you need actual email addresses...
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Berkson WeinConnect With a Mentor Tech FreelancerCommented:
I don't know that I follow you.  You're having trouble RECEIVING mail from the .ch server right?  If that's the case, I don't know what the mxtools test is telling you, that's an inbound test to them.

Seems like you and I agree, this appears to be an issue with your client's client's server.  Have you reached out to them to see if they can mail other mindspring accounts?  Can you setup a test account under the mindspring account you currently have?
KashConnect With a Mentor 2nd Line EngineerCommented:
this error tells me there is something to do with MX records. can you doublecheck and see you have the right MX records etc. is your server a relay for google or other way around. where are email on site or on googlemail?
Berkson WeinConnect With a Mentor Tech FreelancerCommented:
This sounds like an issue with the sending server, not your mindspring account.

If I'm understanding the scenario correctly, I don't see how your google apps for biz migration would make one bit of difference if the email is being sent to the @mindspring account.  (I assume that google is using pop or imap to get the mail from mindspring?).

The "error while asking recursive_nameserver0.parent. Error was: unable to reach nameserver on any valid IP" message indicated to me that the sending email server doesn't seem to have DNS connectivity - which is a pretty odd problem to have for a production server.  Are they able to email other people???

I can't imagine that this is a problem with the mindspring mx record, or else all of mindspring mail would be down.  

Can your sender send messages to other mindspring  addresses?

Hope this helps get you started.
resinateAuthor Commented:
So been doing some digging around and made some configuration changes to google apps so that when sending email outbound it will use smtp server.  Made this change so that reverse dns records do not have any issues.  After making this change and sending test messages to other email accounts still having issue.  Starting to think issue is on sender's mail server.   Monitor This  

      Test       Result       Hide
      SMTP Reverse Banner Check       OK - resolves to
      SMTP Reverse DNS Mismatch       Warning - Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner       Ignore
      SMTP TLS       OK - Supports TLS.       
      SMTP Connection Time       1.888 seconds - Good on Connection time       
      SMTP Open Relay       OK - Not an open relay.       
      SMTP Transaction Time       4.883 seconds - Good on Transaction Time       
Session Transcript:

220 ESMTP [1576 ms]
250-SIZE 31457280
250 AUTH=PLAIN LOGIN [905 ms]
530 Authentication required [905 ms]
530 Authentication required [905 ms]

SendSMTPCommand: You hung up on us after we connected. Please whitelist us. (connection lost)

MXTB-PWS3v2 6458ms
resinateAuthor Commented:
I have been in contact with their ISP in Thailand and they have opened a case and looking into issue now.  Also contacted mindspring and they are looking into issue on their end.  

I will also try to setup test account and let you know results.
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