outlook 2010

I have a test computer that has win7 and outlook 2010
I was looking into a problem with a users outlook and started experimenting with my test computer.
I went into the mail control panel, and in the email tab, I removed the account there.
in the data files tab there was a pst file being used and that became the default file.
now when I go to the email tab and click new. the account outlook tries to setup is a text account.
I click on the manually configure server settings, and when I click next, the only choice is text messaging. Microsoft exchange ( the service I want ) is greyed out.
so in the email tab, there is nothing there because I can't choose exchange, and I don't want text messaging. And in the data files tab, my pst file is the default, and the only choice.
Is there some way to make outlook try to setup an exchange account?
I rebooted the computer just in case, but that didn't help.
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Right click computer go to properties, click advanced system settings, click settings next to user profiles then delete the faulty profile from the list. Log back in as that user and test.
Go into the mail icon in control panel then select profiles and delete the old profile to start fresh next time you open outlook. (all pst's should remain in your profile folder in case you need to copy archive etc)
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
that is the problem.
when I open the mail control panel, and go into account settings, in the email tab, there are NO accounts, it is blank.
when I click new to add an account, the only account type available is text messaging. exchange is greyed out.
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In mail in control panel and click PROFILES not email. Then delete the profile.
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
ok, so I deleted my profile from the mail control panel. now if I open the mail control panel, there is only a general tab

if I open outlook it asked that I create a profile, so I type in work as my profile name. then outlook starts the add new account wizard, but again my only options for the new account are setting up a text message account. the outlook option is still greyed out!

Normally I would have just removed office, and reinstalled, but since this is on a test machine, I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn something.
This is turning out to be a pretty hard nut to crack though.
Hmm certainly has me confused. Does it exhibit the same behavior under a different/new user profile on the same machine?
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
so I asked someone else to login and outlook worked fine.
so I guess I successfully messed up my profile.
now the trick is how to redo the profile without redoing windows.
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
OK, that worked to delete that profile. then the interesting thing was when I logged back in to re-create that profile. out of curiosity, I went to outlook account settings. and went to add a new account in the email tab even though there was an existing account, and it behaved just like when the profile was messed up.
so when the profile was messed up, and I was trying to add a new account in the email tab, it was as if the email account was still there even though it was removed.
thanks for the help.
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