Javascript alphanumeric postal code Not checking !

Hi experts,

I'm looking for javascript alphanumeric postal code validate in my list of array postalcode only.. I attached in my sample code, but it not checked alphanumeric value only checking numeric value.. Plz guide me what mistake in my code..

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Julian HansenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes that will work - in future describe your problem a bit better - the problem as presented was using a regular expression with no mention of an array of postal codes. By giving more information you can help experts give you the answer you need quicker.
Julian HansenCommented:
Code seems fine if you want to check for postal codes that are exactly 5 digits long but you said alpha-numeric postal codes.

Your regular expression is only checking for digits - not alphas.

What are the possible inputs with respect to your postal codes that you want to validate for?
codeoxygenAuthor Commented:
Example : var codes = ["SO15 0HX","SO15 0HY"];

i want to check only two alphanumeric postal code only ("SO15 0HX","SO15 0HY").

1. if enter code contain only numeric or only letters
{ alert("Postal code not valid") }
2. Or enter alphanumeric either of correctly ("SO15 0HX","SO15 0HY") go to other page..
3. Or enter alphanumeric is wrong of (ex. S015 00X) {alert ("postal code is not found").

How i make that possibilities in my code?
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Julian HansenCommented:
So are there only two correct postal codes?

If this is the case why not have a radio button or drop down for this selection or have a check

if (postal_code != "SO15 0HX" && postal_code != "SO15 0HY") ...

Or are there potentially other valid codes?
codeoxygenAuthor Commented:
No. i check "n" number of postal code  in that array of like
var codes = ["SO15 0HX","SO15 0HY","",......];
Julian HansenCommented:
If they are fixed then why not have them in a drop down?
codeoxygenAuthor Commented:
It's fixed  but 400 + postal code want to check. so dropdown goes to lengthy., so i'm looking to checking list of array fixed value's using javascript? it's possible..
codeoxygenAuthor Commented:

i got a solution here..
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