Crystal Report Cascading Parameter and Null value.

I am using CR XI R2,
Can second cascading dynamic parameter be empty?

I have dynamic cascading parameter composed of Par1 and Par2.
Par1 could have option A,B,C,D  Par2 have related  values  for Par1 A ->  Par2 = 1,2.3; for Par1 B-> Par2 = 4,5,6 and on.
Why I need those parameters. I am excluding records from report that have value  from parameter Par2.

What I am doing I first pull out records that have value for Par1 e.g. A and B it populates parameter Par2 with related values: 1,2,3,4,5,6.

Now I need to select from parameter Par2 which value or values I will exclude from report.

Problem is that sometimes I want all records from Par1 and I do not want to exclude none from Par2.

But I am prompted to enter value  in Par2 as report will not run.
How to go around this,  I can not use command that Is not part of solution.
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vastoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then the only other solution which I know  will work for Crystal XI is the 3rd party tool from video link. You can request a free license from here :
mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dynamic parameters only have the values available in the database.

You could create a new parameter that would indicate whether to include all values or use the value to exclude

The filter would be something like

{?IncludeAll} = "Y"
{YourField} <> {?Par2}

TarasAuthor Commented:
I tried it it still will no run as parameters
is on form and is not populated. Report is not running.
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Can you upload the report?

vastoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to select a value in the second parameter. If you are using a command as  a datasource for the dynamic parameters you can append a record for each value from the first combo box . something like
par 1          par 2
value 1       n.a.
value 2       n.a.
value 3       n.a.

You will be able to select n.a. Check in a formula if the value of the second parameter is equal to n.a. and if it is - ignore it.

Another approach is to use a viewer, which supports "real" cascading parameters, like the one shown here :
In the sample video a value "all" is added to each of the parameters
TarasAuthor Commented:
Sorry I can not.
It looks like while parameters seating  in report they ask for value.

If I put just {?IncludeAll} = "Y"  as filter I can run report and show all records.
However I lost paramters.

With your sugestion {?IncludeAll} = "Y"
{YourField} <> {?Par2}

 I can see paramters both Par1 and Par2.

In Par1 I Have value A,B,C,D on availabel side. End If I don not select any of them and move on right side it will not enter data in Par2  that is what I want.
However it will not run report if you do not populate parameter Par2.
As Par2 will not be populated if Par1 is not populated it looks like somethign should be done with Par1 too. I am not sure.??
TarasAuthor Commented:
vasto I can not use command object, I mentioned it.
 if I can I know how to go around this.
I am using Cristal repot XI R2 that is crysta report version before 2008.
Yes, CR XI is v11 and CR 2008 is v12

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