Skype loses my voice but I am audible to others in audio call

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I use Skype for important, hour-long audio-only calls.

Over the past three weeks or so, after 10 minutes of call, Skype loses my voice though I can hear the person(s) I'm speaking with.

I've checked with Bell Canada, the Telco that provides my internet service. So far they have nothing to report.

Suggestions, please, for a strategy to identify the source of and find a fix for this problem, please?

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Senior Systems Support Analyst
Typically, this is some kind of communication issue.  If you are on wifi, try switching to a wired connection.  Also, make sure you are running the latest Skype client for your computer - they are constantly making improvements in this area.


I switched to wired connections. No update was needed for Skype.

I've tested for the past few days, and the problem seems to have been resolved. Only time will fully tell, of course.

Many thanks for your advice.


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