Back button is not working properly

I have a web form with back button in .NET 3.5 web application created using VS2010  .
I am using  this line in the page load event.
btnBack.Attributes.Add("onClick", "javascript:history.back(); return false;");
The web form has GridView with command button for editing the GridView rows.It has Update and Cancel buttons.

After clicking the command button(it will show  Update and cancel buttons) ,If I click the back button it is still staying in the same page.(It is showing the Update,Cancel view of the
page. It is not going to previous page.
Without clicking the Command Button if I click the back button it is going to previous page.

How to make it work.

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Rajar AhmedConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
This works based on page referrer when u cause postback  then referrer will be updated to the current page and hence u stay on the same page .

Try this solution ,

KavyaVSAuthor Commented:
It is working.
KavyaVSAuthor Commented:
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