Use VBA to upload JSON data.

Hi there,

I have a project where I need to use a shopping cart's API to update product information from time to time.

I can download the product information, but am unable to devise a way to upload the information I need to change.  The code that works for the download is

Sub test_successful_JSON_download()

 Dim xhr As Object, webServiceURL  as string
 webServiceURL = ""
 Set xhr = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
 xhr.Open "GET", webServiceURL , False
 If xhr.Status = 200 Then
   MsgBox xhr.getAllResponseHeaders
   MsgBox xhr.Status & ": " & xhr.StatusText
 End If
 Set xhr = Nothing

End Sub

The shopping cart specifies the following;

Format: JSON (both input and output)
HTTP Method: PUT,  Content-type: text/json

I'm using Microsoft Access 2003, Windows 7.

I would really appreciate any assistance.

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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Does the API provide any examples for Visual Basic (not .NET, but standard VB)? If not, the only way to really determine the exact syntax needed would be to contact the site and ask them for this.

Or do this in .NET - I'm sure they have examples for that.
StormNetAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

Thanks for coming back to me!

The only information I can find is here    under the subheading "REST API Method: update a product"

with the working download method I get the following json format
    "id": 21884539,
    "sku": "00000",
    "name": "Test product 1",
    "price": 0.0,
    "weight": 0.0,
    "url": "!/~/product/id=21884539",
    "created": "2013-03-29 09:41:30",
    "productClassId": 0,
    "enabled": true,
    "description": "<p>SIDTIMEKEEPERSCOZA</p>\n<p>CASIO</p>\n<p>EDIFICE</p>"

I'm working on the assumption that this is the format I need to use for an upload because of the error message I get when I try the code below:

Dim xhr As Object, thisRequest As String, jsonString As String

 thisRequest = ""
 jsonString = "{""name"":""test remote update""}"
    Set xhr = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
    xhr.Open "PUT", thisRequest, False
    Debug.Print xhr.responseText

    Set xhr = Nothing

The responsetext  is "Error parsing JSON: A JSONObject text must begin with '{' at character 0"

Somewhere I need to add in the command to send the JSONObject...  but I dont know the format or the syntax....   *sigh*   and I have been searching...

I appreciate any help...

have you looked at any JSON objects or libraries, such as VBJSON?

You might also be able to use the scriptcontrol library, specifying jscript instead of vbscript as the language.

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StormNetAuthor Commented:
Hi aikamark,

I'm unfortunately inexperienced in this area, so I may need some really basic assistance.

I had a look at your suggestions and I thought  would be a good starting point.  I opened the spreadsheet but when I tried to run some of the routines I got errors on Debug.assert and the Replace function.  I wasn't able to resolve them, despite activating different References.  

I then copied the code into an Access module and everything seems to be ok except for the line

Dim lib as new JSONLib  

Try as I can I cant find any info on the Reference to activate to allow this to be accepted.

Do you know how to get past this?

Much thanks...
In your code window, click on the Tools menu.  The first submenu item is references.

When I posted my earlier comment, I thought you were receiving JSON data into Access.  Some of those links may only be applicable for consuming JSON, not producing JSON.
StormNetAuthor Commented:
What reference would I select?  I've looked but I cant seem to find a reference including the word 'Json'.  

Do you have a specific reference in mind?
did you go through the installation instructions after downloading?
StormNetAuthor Commented:
The only files in the download were a demo excel file and sample json file.  I checked all the code in the excel file to see if there were any instructions there but no luck.  I checked the download page for anything resembling instructions but no luck as well.

There are no wiki pages either.

Am I missing it?
JSONLIB is a class module.  Have you added that class from the downloaded workbook into your testing workbook code environment?
StormNetAuthor Commented:
Cool, got it!  First time I've ever imported a .cls file into MSAccess!  

There are no more compile errors.  While I was tinkering I found other related info and after  modifying it it now works properly.

   Dim xhr As Object, thisRequest As String
    Set xhr = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
    thisRequest = ""     
'changed case of ID to id
    xhr.Open "PUT", thisRequest, False
    xhr.setRequestHeader "Content-type", "text/json"    
'inserted this line
    xhr.Send "{""id"":21884546,""name"":""remotely updated 2""}"    
'inserted id into json string
    Debug.Print xhr.Status
    Debug.Print xhr.StatusText
    Debug.Print xhr.responseText
    Set xhr = Nothing

Much thanks to all who got me thinking and moving towards this solution!
StormNetAuthor Commented:
While not the exact solution one of the links provided the "bridging direction" that kickstarted a different path.
I am not able to get to the web-site <> to see the code you are referring to.  I have been programming in VBA/ACCESS for quite a few yrs but new to JSON and REST.  Would it be possible to see a sample of your ACCESS Database to understand how to grab the REST data, using JSON?  Thank you very much!!
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