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I have recently changed my website to a cloud hosting provider. Have changed my external DNS records to point to the new IP and everything seems fine except these to issues.

1. When on a browser I type www.teamsix.com it's supposed to redirect me to www.team6.com  I  have a CNAME on DNS that says www.teamsix.com CNAME www.team6.com

2. Inside my network, when I type www.teamsix.com, www.team6.com and teamsix.com (notice no www) it works, but if i type team6.com (no www) nothing works.

My internal domain name is team6.com so I am guessing that's the reason because if i do nslookup i get my internal domain controllers IPs.

Is there a way to make this work?
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insidetechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Review the file for any of your team6.com and teamsix.com IP entries and verify that they are correct. I must assume that the are not correct or simply not there.
In any case enter the proper IP pointers for each domain.
You have not listed your IP's so I leave this small detail to you ;-)
Edit your hosts file on your DC to reflect proper resolution of your domain names.
cheto06Author Commented:
Can you please be more specific?

What do i need to enter in the host file?

the IP of my two dcs pointing to the domain name?
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Look at this link or search for "hosts file edit" etc...

cheto06Author Commented:
insidetech i know how to edit the host file and what it is, what i don't understand is what am I adding to it.
Did you get things working?
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