Migrated users in target domain and citrix

I have the following scenario:

Source A Forest (Citrix and users)
Source B Forest (Citrix and users)
Target B Forest (migrated users)

We are planning to migrate the users from both Source domains to the new Target Domain, with their sid history.  We plan to leave the citrix servers in the source domain temporarily, the domain will be used as a resource domain.  When the users log into the target domain with their accounts will they be able to access the Citrix servers in the source domain (resource forest).  Both source forests have a two-way forest trust enabled and functioning.

Will users when logging into the target domain be able to access the citrix servers in the source domain (resource) with SidHistory?

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Ayman BakrConnect With a Mentor Senior ConsultantCommented:
In addition to two-way forest trust, you need to have explicit trust relationship between the child domains. With this, theoretically everything should be fine.

However, before you carry out the bulk of migration I strongly recommend you to do some testing first. Have a test account migrated and test the successful connection. Then proceed to migrate a couple of your real users and make sure everything goes fine; then you can go for the rest.
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Have a read in this article and the linked articles within:

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