Printer issues in citrix sessions

Dear experts,

Users connect from their Win7 x32 Desktops onto a XenApp6.5 Farm running on Server2008R2. We have a print server with HP 4050, 4100 and 4250 printers and we use HP Universal Printing PCL5 drivers for 4050 and 4100. We use the HP LaserJet 4250 PCL5e for the 4250 printers. These drivers are also installed on the Citrix Terminal Servers.
On a random basis many times a day with many users:

-      No printers at all are mapped into the Citrix session, or
-      a random selection of printers are mapped into the user session, or
-      all printers are mapped into the user session.

We have the following Citrix policies configured for all users:

-      Auto-create client printers:                                        Auto-create all client printers
-      Automatic installation of in-box printer drivers:       Disabled
-      Client printer names:                                              Standard printer names
-      Client printer redirection:                                        Allowed
-      Default printer:                                                    Set default printer to client’s main


-      Direct connection to print servers:                          Disabled
-      Printer auto-creation event log preference:            Log errors and warnings
-      Printer driver mapping and compatibility:                    <List used for “XPS Document

Writer”, and the like

-      Printer properties retention:                        Retained in user profile only
-      Universal driver preference:                        <XPS, EMF, PCL5c, PCL4, PS>
-      Universal print driver usage:                        Use universal printing only if

requested driver is unavailable

Can you please help me out with this issue?
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joharderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First, the HP LaserJet 4250 is a weird driver.  Use the HP LaserJet 4200/4300 driver.   I can't tell you exactly why, but it works better.

Do you configure your Citrix policies as AD GPOs or via the Citrix console?  Citrix console is much more stable although Citrix touts that via AD is better.

It sounds like you have multiple printer policies competing with each other, and that an undesired one trumps at times.  Double check that you don't have any RDS printer-related policies configured via GPO.  Check both the user and computer policies as there are some in each location.  Lastly, check the servers themselves to determine whether you have any settings in the RDS config or local security policy.

I personally have no love for the EMF driver and would move it down in the stack.  

Not sure why you're using the mapping the XPS Document Writer.  I've never seen a business use case for it.  Same with Sent to OneNote.  Two extra printers to map needlessly.

Hope that helps!
javelinictAuthor Commented:
Thanks Joharder I will try and get back to you! thanks for now!
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