Top Level ACL reporter

Is there any easy way to get a report per server, of each sub directories ACL in the root of a Server. MBSA and such like report on the root folder of a share/directory, but I want that next level down (as many are set to not inherit the root permissions):

So for example \\server\share\ < MBSA reports the share and directory ACL here

I was an ACL for each top level folder in root, i.e.

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Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
I hope accesschk or shareEnum tool will help you to find out .
pma111Author Commented:
How would you setup accesschk or shareenum though to just go so "deep" into the directory structure?
pma111Author Commented:
Or please elaborate how if I want to see "domain users" accesschk will produce a report of what they can access?
Haresh NikumbhSr. Tech leadCommented:
Shareenum will show which users are having access for particular shares
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