Excel 2010 - Pixcel Size Differences

Okay here is probably the strangest issue I have seen.  If you go to View>Page Layout and you shrink any cell to be .25" it will be 24 pixels.  That is the way it is for 99% of our users.  There is one user that when you shrink it to .25" it is 30 Pixels.  This is causing issues where the columns aren't being spaced correctly and causing uploads to fail.

I fixed the issue for a bit by removing her profile on the computer and re-creating it.  Also if I log in to the computer as anyone else it will be just fine.  The issues is something she is doing/opening is causing this issue.

ANY help would be very much appreciated!  Thanks again.
Kent FichtnerInformation Technology Systems SupervisorAsked:
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Kent FichtnerConnect With a Mentor Information Technology Systems SupervisorAuthor Commented:
I didn't find a solution on this, but it turns out she was just covering for someone else for the day and doesn't need to do the upload.  I guess the world may never know what is going on.
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:

What is the pixel size of the shrunken cell if that one user is logged-on to any other PC?

The same as on the normal PC, or the same as everybody else?

PS. I think you may have to elaborate on this statement:

This is causing issues where the columns aren't being spaced correctly and causing uploads to fail.


Kent FichtnerInformation Technology Systems SupervisorAuthor Commented:
When she logs in to another computer and loads Excel, it is "normal" (.25" = 24 pixels).

What I mean by the upload is:  She is making a PRN file to upload in to our internal system.

The issue this is causing is this, the spaces between the columns when loading the PRN file in note pad is off then what is expected and it is causing the upload to fail.
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[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
OK, thanks.

So the issue is with one user on one particular PC?

Yet, other users on that PC are not experiencing the same problem.

Short of checking that every component of the PC, screen(s), mouse, keyboard, & so on are identical, & that the environment is exactly the same (including all operating system drivers & Microsoft Office patches/fixes/revision/versions); a suggestion:

That one user & one colleague could swap PCs.
Kent FichtnerInformation Technology Systems SupervisorAuthor Commented:
I like the idea of changing the computers, and that would work for a bit.  But it would most likely happen again on the different computer.  I am not sure the cause of it, but something she is doing/opening is screwing this up.
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
Are there any files that one user opens/updates/saves that differ from the workload of any other user?

If you have deleted & re-created the user profile, then I think it is fair to assume that whatever is happening to cause the difference is either a user-configurable setting that the one user changes from the default settings or, as you said, the ramifications of a different task compared with the colleagues.

Did you start with a new profile, or clone one from a colleague?

We could look at writing some Visual Basic for Applications code that exports the data from the worksheet in the required format that mimics the PRN file currently being generated, so that every user has the same output regardless of their individual profile/configuration, but that may be overkill.

Then again, it may be the best/only option.

You could, though, start again with a new profile, & then log the usage of all Microsoft Excel workbooks for that one user (either with a bespoke process, or using something like the Journal facility within Microsoft Outlook).

If every other user has logging of this nature active too, over, say, one week, the files used could then be reviewed/compared to see if there were any notable differences.

If no differences are noted, then it must be something the individual user is changing within their environment.

I am guessing you have checked the printer driver/set-up against those used by the colleagues.
Kent FichtnerInformation Technology Systems SupervisorAuthor Commented:
fanpages, Those are great ideas.  I renamed her old profile and deleted her out of the registry, then had her log in and it created a new one.

I will put some logging on, but I am still very much wondering how this is even changeable.  If it can be changed at all then I should be able to change it back.
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:

Oh yes, I agree.  If changed one way, it should be logical to assume such a change can be reversed.

My initial thought was either font face, or font size, differences between the "Standard Font" (or "Default font" [as it is referred to now]) settings for your colleagues.

However, I have seen issues in the past with Windows screen drivers (due to differences in physical VDU hardware, or different versions of the screen drivers installed on different machines).

Also, the use of ActiveX controls on worksheets can sometimes cause issues that increase font &/or column sizes, if the controls are not the currently supported versions (or differ between machines that use the same workbooks).
Kent FichtnerInformation Technology Systems SupervisorAuthor Commented:
There doesn't seem to be any thing out there that can fix this.  I am going to keep looking.
Robby SwartenbroekxMSP engineerCommented:
I have had an issue with excel cell heights.
Eventually, the problem seemed the magnifier tool in Windows 7.
If you go to control panel, display (with clasic look), you can change the size of text and other items on your screen (The control panel screen I'm talking about).

I had to change it back on all computers to 100% to resolve my issue.
[ fanpages ]IT Services ConsultantCommented:
...I guess the world may never know what is going on.

Yes, very few with be any the wiser if you request this question be deleted, without confirming what you tried prior to your response in the comment with ID: 39265756.
Kent FichtnerInformation Technology Systems SupervisorAuthor Commented:
There is no solution
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