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Illustrator (CS5) stopped opening EPS files

For some reason when opening an eps file with Illustrator (CS5) it opens Illustrator but nothing is there.  There are no messages it just does not open the file.  We have tried creating a new eps file and opening that and the same thing happens.  The eps files do not open in photoshop and acrobat so I don't think they are corrupt.  This happens with all eps files not just a few in particular.  The only change that was made to the system is that we loaded a new printer and drivers - Xerox ColorQube 8570DN.  I don't see how that would affect it.  This is a windows 7 machine.  We have already tried reinstalling Illustrator,
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1 Solution
Reinstalling Adobe illustrator  will not fix a broken file association
maybe uninstall printer.
Do you have any previous versions of Adobe installed?
If you need to reinstall CS5 it must be done cleanly ie have no previous versions.
This means any previous version must be removed first, and THEN you can install the newest suite.
Have you tried checking the default program for the EPS?
First rightclick it then open with but go down to choose default program
Tale at look at the default programs, start all programs>default programs, and see if any utilities software belonging to the printer have take over this either remove them or set the new to Adobe
Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Associations
choose default programsexample only
click on ext and change programTry running the disc cleanup tool to also delete any over sized temp folders- thumbnails view
Note, however, that you do not need to OPEN an EPS file in order to USE the EPS file. In most situations, what you should do with an EPS file is IMPORT the EPS file into a word-processing application such as Microsoft Word or into a page-layout application such as Adobe PageMaker
Free EPS viewer if needed
And if needed a regestry fix, use only if you know what how to edit the registry correctly.
Always make backup of registry keys before modifying
Broken Illustrator CS4 "Open With" File Association

This may be a corrupted preference file.

Close Illustrator.

Go to <startup drive>\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS5 Settings\en_US\AIPrefs

(en_US assumes US language folder may be different if you are in UK, en_GB etc..)

Rename AIPrefs and exit Explorer. Start Illustrator and it will recreate the AIPrefs with default settings.

Note: You may lose any custom preferences that you have set before.

mwgrkAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the solutions.  We will be trying them and getting back to you.
mwgrkAuthor Commented:
I tried all the suggestions but none of them fixed the problem immediately. I uninstalled the printer but problem persisted. I then moved down the list with the exception of modifying the registry and still the problem persisted. I uninstalled CS5 and all its preferences, deleting the folders on the C drive, reinstalled it and again, the problem continued. I then uninstalled CS5 again, uninstalled every Adobe product on the computer, deleted the entire Adobe folder from the C drive. I then chose to install the printer. Had no problems with the install and test page printed fine. I then installed CS5. EPS files now opened fine. Proceeded to reinstall the remaining Adobe products (Acrobat 9 and Flash) while making sure I could still view eps files after every install. All the programs had been installed and working fine prior to the installing of the new printer so whether it was one of the other Adobe products that was causing the continuation of the problem or whether it was simply the order of installations (printer should be before Adobe?), I don't know but it's safe to say problem is now fixed. Thank you for your help.
There may have been something open from an older version of Adobe, maybe a service running , highly likely when the printer installed it automatically hooked into whatever it saw first as the default device, because there is more than one version of Adobe installed.
Could be the windows recent files played a part somewhere.
The nature of sequence when installing Plug and Play devices is very important and where possible stop all programs prior or windows will assign it to the first driver it sees as default or running.
The same applied with XP.
Maybe safemode is a safer option to install cleanly.
I remember doing that a lot in older version of windows as safemode disabled all drivers just about everything and ran as a limited diagnostic windows hense allowing to install drivers clean
Glad to see you have successfully resolved it though it was a laborious task.
Well done and glad we could help
regards Merete
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