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Windows 8 won't recognize my Creative X-FI Fata1ity Pro sound card

Just installed Windows 8 on my older computer.

Specs are as follows:
ASUS Rampage Formula X48 motherboard
Intel Q2D Extreme CPU
8GB memory
Samsung 830 512GB SSD

With Windows 7 the sound card was recognized as a SoundBlaster/Creative X-FI Fata1ity Pro sound card.

Currently within device manager it is being recognized as an High Definition Audio Device but that's it.  When I try to install the Creative drivers that are dated January of 2013 it says that it cannot find the sound card.

Currently there is a lot of hissing and crackling coming through when I do play things with sound.

I have searched high and low to no avail.  Hoping someone out there will have a suggestion.
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This is what I see:

I also tried moving PCI-e slots to no avail.  It's recognized by the computer as High Definition Audio Device.  Onboard sound is disabled.
When you unpack that file (7-Zip works fine on it), there's a [setup.exe] file in the root. Try running that in W7 compatibility mode (since you say it works fine in W7).
No such luck sir!
I'm big a fan of running the manufacturer provided full install packages, but since that's not working in this case, I'd try doing an Update Driver Software in Device Manager - right-click on the HD Audio Device (although I don't know which one, since there are two) and navigate to the INF file. It's a long shot, but I'm running out of ideas...and it's past 2am here. :)
I'll try it again but last time I did that it just said device could not start.  I'll give it a whirl one more time though.
OK, I'm hitting the sack now. Will check back in with you in the (my) morning.
No dice again lol.

I appreciate your help!  I hope we can figure it out!

Sorry that was just the details, but in the general tab it says that device cannot start.
i would uninstall this driver (since it's no good anyway)
then try windows update>optional drivers, and look if they have a driver - and use that one
Tried that, it gives me the default High Definition Audio Driver which is not from Creative and only gives me 2.1 sound, and there is crackling.
Have a read of and

Crap Cleaner in there refers to,-cccleaner-or-c-cleaner

Also try Driver Fusion to remove any remnants of your install.  Note the comments at the post there about taking care to only install the essentials.  Do the Driver Sweep for any remnants before you do any install.
dbrunton, tried all of that, also reinstalled Windows 8, clean install, with onboard sound disabled.  Sweeper did not find any drivers.  Thanks.

Let's try a Live Linux CD  The link explains what it does.

Get the 11.04 version from here

11.04 because that one seems to work with your card.  If it does work with your card then there is something screwy with Creative's Windows drivers.   If it doesn't then it may be the card or it still may be Creative.  From Google there seem to be a lot of complaints about drivers for this card.
The sound card works because with the High Definition Audio Driver installed, I can still hear things.  It's just that it's 2.1 sound, I have 5.1 speakers.  There is no way to change that without installing the Creative driver.  At this point I think I'm going to give up and just chalk it up to incompatibilities.
Comment edited. Wrong post ...Sorry

In the first screenshot you posted, it shows High Definition Audio Device in the Details tab. In the second screenshot, it shows Creative X-Fi Audio Processor. Why the difference?

Btw, you don't need to use imgur to post screenshots here at EE. Just click on the Insert Image icon on the "Post a Comment" toolbar and browse to the file:
User generated imageIt will put "embed=file nnnnnn" code in the post (without the quotes but with square brackets around it) at the spot where you did the Insert Image, but you may move the code to wherever you will always refer to the image that was uploaded...and if you decide to remove an image before posting, you may do that by clicking the Remove link:
User generated imageI think it's better to put the screenshots inline with your post rather than having to click over to imgur to see them. Regards, Joe
I forced the driver to install via device manager and that's why it shows up as the creative device but it does not work as you can see.
At this point I think I'm going to give up and just chalk it up to incompatibilities.
Sounds like a sensible conclusion, although there may be some gems in the 10-page thread that dbrunton posted. I read through some of it and this card is surely a troubled piece of hardware on W8. Regards, Joe
Close all apps and then run this fixit

Apply the fixes ...restart system and check.

No one true solution helped, I still don't have sound but Joe I felt helped the most.  Thanks Joe!
You're welcome...and thanks for the points! I'm really disappointed that the sound isn't working. Regards, Joe