exporting ODBC driver to another computer using registry

Posted on 2013-06-06
Last Modified: 2013-08-13

I have a computer that has been configured to access a HYPERFILE SQL V14 a few years back (it was in 2009). I needed another computer with the same drivers, but our service provider gave us the V16 drivers, and the performance are really weak. It takes between 3 to 6 times longer to do the same things with the new drivers. Since I have batch jobs that takes a few hours to run, it would be very problematic to multiply by 3-6 the time needed.

I can't find any driver for this on their website, apparently it is to be deployed with applications developped in webdev.

I tried using the registry to get the configuration of the ODBC driver exported. I searched for "hyperfile SQL" in the registry and exported the values.
These are the values I exported :

and the following key and everything under it :

Then I went to the installation folder
c:\program files\common files\PC SOFT\14.0\ODBC

and copied all the files in there to the same location on the new computer.

It seems to work not too bad. I was able to create the ODBC datasource. I am able to browse the tables in the database.

But when I try to open most tables, I get an error : "ODBC error -- call failed". I don't have this error when I try to open smaller tables. The biggest table I could open had 24292 records.

I tried opening the table in visual basic, catching the error with "On error goto" but the only information I got this way is the number of the error., which is 3146.

I tried installing this driver on another computer the same way and got the same result. I suppose there is another configuration somewhere that will let me browse tables through the hyperfile driver when there are more then a certain number of records.

PS : The hyperfile ODBC datasource configuration has almost no options. I can define the name of the datasource, the path to the analysis file and the path to the data files. So this is not where I can configure a buffer size or something like that.

PPS : I'm using windows xp on all those computers. I also use access 2003 and VBA for programmation.
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<<But when I try to open most tables, I get an error : "ODBC error -- call failed". I don't have this error when I try to open smaller tables. The biggest table I could open had 24292 records.

I tried opening the table in visual basic, catching the error with "On error goto" but the only information I got this way is the number of the error., which is 3146.

 Sounds like a setting.  Take a look at ODBC.INI in C:\Windows on the old machine.

 Error #3146 is a generic error message and there may be more.  To see all of them, you must enumerate the errors collection:

How To Get More Information on the ODBC Call Failed Error

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Also, I'd look around for any HYPERFILE SQL V14 engine settings that may exist in the registry or a config file.  

It may not be the ODBC driver itself or settings that is the problem.


Author Comment

ID: 39225715
Hey there, thanks for your answers.

I looked at ODBC.INI, and the text is the same there as on both computers for my data source.

I tried following the code in the link you provided to MS website. It only gives me 1 error, "ODBC call failed" as usual. I have no more information.

As for hyperfile, I have only 5 dlls in that installation folder. I don't have any config file there. I searched the whole computer using windows search and didn't find any other ref with the string "hyperfile".

I also tried searching in the registry, and there are 3 references :


and the definition of the datasource here :

The first two are in the registry files I made for the other computer. I recreated the last one in ODBC and it's exactly the same as on my old computer.
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Hum...not sure what to tell you.  I don't have any experience with Hyperfile SQL.

 I did dig around on PCSoft's web site and found this page:

 Which as a ODBC Update for version 14.  Whether or not that would actually install what you need I don't know.  

 On that same page is an install for HyperFileSQL Client/Server and I would think that would give you everything you need.  Again however, not sure what impact that would have with what you have in place already.

 Unless someone else jumps in here, I would suggest posting in PCSoft's forum in the tech support section of their web site.

  It seems that Hyperfile SQL has limited use outside of their development products, so unless someone has actually used those, it's just guess work.

 I do agree though that the problem your having seems to be a configuation setting somewhere.  However I was un-able to find any technical documentation on Hyperfile SQL.

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Expert Comment

by:Vadim Rapp
ID: 39226996
Maybe it's easier to install the driver you know works, such as v14.
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Expert Comment

by:Vadim Rapp
ID: 39227022
(sorry Jim, didn't notice you already suggested this)

That said, on the same page there's even newer driver than v16 - v18; it probably makes sense to try it out, hoping that performance degradation has been already noticed  and addressed.
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Author Comment

ID: 39233971
Thanks for the answers.

Problem is all these downloads are the upgrades for WEBDEV. Webdev is the whole programming environnement. We never had Webdev here. Some external company developped a tool and they are supposed to provide us with all the programs we need. The ODBC drivers are not on the website of PC soft because they are part of what a reseller is supposed to give their client. The programmer who was here developping the program installed the ODBC driver on my computer.

Now when I ask again, it is not the same guy who installed that program. The new programmer tells me to go and download windev express. Last time I tried it was V16 and the performance were horrible. When I ask for the new ODBC version like I have now, He doesn't know what I'm talking about and can't find it.

So since then I've been trying to find a way to export the configuration I have on my computer to have acceptable performance on other computers.

But well I think I'm just gonna try the latest windev express version and see if it's got any better performance.

Author Comment

ID: 39233972
Just to be clear, when I try to download and install the ODBC drivers on the pages you linked, it says that I don't have any compatible product installed on my computer and I can't install anything.
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Expert Comment

by:Vadim Rapp
ID: 39234367
Here's what I would do.

1. unpack their exe using winrar, open WXPACKODBC; check if you have copied to another machine all the dll's that are inside.

2. on the old machine, search for all files with names starting with WD, and copy them to the new system as well, to the same locations.

3. write the most trial application you can that is using ODBC driver and when you click command button, it opens the table that does not work on the new computer. Use Process Monitor to trace what this application is doing when you click the button - look for file and registry reads. Compare to the new computer where it fails. Maybe there's some registry setting with parameters, or some file that is still missing.
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Accepted Solution

Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE) earned 500 total points
ID: 39234449
<<Just to be clear, when I try to download and install the ODBC drivers on the pages you linked, it says that I don't have any compatible product installed on my computer and I can't install anything. >>

 I would try installing  windev express, then the ODBC drivers.  

 Windex express alone won't give you the correct drivers, but installing it should let you install them.

 I'm also left wondering about your new programmer; are they not concerned that you are seeing a notable decrease in performance?   Do they have anything to suggest or offer?

  I would think this would of concern to them for any other clients they have.  They may also have access to info at PC Soft that a regular user might not.


Author Comment

ID: 39246861
Didn't have time to check on this problem this week, I'll probably have time monday.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 39403979
Thanks for your help Jdettman.

I still have no solution to my problem, I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't seem to get it to work elsewhere. Maybe there is some other problem then ODBC drivers.

I contacted my supplier again and they will install the odbc drivers. I checked on the website we don't have to pay a license to get these drivers. So I guess this should be my solution (I hope).

Thanks for your help!

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