Exchange 2010 ActiveSync contacts disappearing from iPhone

We are having an issue where contacts are disappearing from the owner's iphone.  Apparently this was "fixed" before but of course like every other thing that was "fixed" before me he doesn't remember what was done.

I've never had this issue before at my previous jobs (in much bigger environments) so I'm lost on this.
MikeIT ManagerAsked:
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Haresh NikumbhConnect With a Mentor Sr. Tech leadCommented:
icloud account was set up to sync the contacts ? if yes then turn off icloud contact sync.
then turn off Exchange contact sync..

after turn off both, only turn on exchange contacts sync and verify
MikeIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I am now getting reports it's happening on either iPhones, and at least 1 iPad.
MikeConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Problem was with third party synchronization software they have been running on the exchange server.

iCloud was affecting calendars though, so thatnks for that.
MikeIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Code2 Exchange Sync was the issue.
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