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I need guidance who know more than I about Blackberry (which is likely just about everyone here).   Please try not to groan too loudly when you hear how outdated we are.  We are a small firm running an older version of BES ( on a Windows Server 2003 R2 SP1 vm, still on Exchange 6.5 (office 2003).    Okay, go ahead and groan.

The good news is we are in the process of upgrading our servers to Server 2008 for all apps possible.  We will keep some vm boxes running Server 2003 as necessary, but I need to make sure I plan out how best to implement a migration to newer versions of Exchange and BES.   I know Exchange will remain in the landscape in the future, unfortunately BES is debatable unless I can find away to upgrade inexpensively or capitalize on features.  

I know that Exchange 6.5 will not run on Server 2008, nor will our version of BES.    Should I just plan on taking our BES to 5 (which will run on 2008) and call it good?  We do not have many bb users, and I'm trying to keep costs/impact down so that management doesn't try to scrap BES completely and dictate use of iphones.  Are there benefits to version 10 that I could leverage for use with other mobile devices?

Appreciate all input - thanks.

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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
BES 10 is for Blackberry 10 only on a seperate server. That is in the documentation from Blackberry.
So if you want to maintain both then you will need two servers. They cannot co-exist.

Rumours? BES 10 has MDM for Android and iPhone and is all over the documentation from Blackberry on the product. Why don't you read the installation and configuration guides - they are extensive and will give you an idea of what is involved.

The upgrade of BES 4 to BES 5 is pretty straight forward. Ideally on to a new server and then use the transporter suite. I think you can in place upgrade as well, although that isn't something I have ever done.

Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
If you have full BES 4.1, then currently Blackberry are offering the upgrade to BES 5 for free.

You could also run BES Express, which is also free.
Running BES Express would help with costs as you could then cut your existing Blackberry devices down from a BES data plan to a BIS data plan.

I would also check the Blackberry devices themselves are on the latest OS available. If they are recent devices (not x10) then they would benefit from the upgrade.

You can also trade up those BES licences to BES 10 licences, again for free. BES 10 is free, they charge for CALs.

FrizbeeDogAuthor Commented:
Simon, thank you for the comments.  I've tried to contact Blackberry to discuss the options for at least upgrading to BES 5 but did not get a very helpful individual.  Am debating whether to call back and ask to escalate to Tier 2 - I would think they should be in the mindset of wanting to keep what customers they have but that didn't seem to be the attitude I was met with.  I don't think we are opposed to cost of the BES data plans on the devices, but getting management to agree to setup a second BES server to support B10 devices would be a no-go.   Can anyone confirm that BES 10 will now allow older devices to connect, or do you still have to keep BES 5 for older devices, and BES 10 for newer devices?  I've also heard rumors that BES 10 will allow for mdm for iPhone and android devices....can anyone confirm?

Thanks much for any info.

Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
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