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Hello All,

So I am transitioning from Lotus to Outlook/Exchange.  My Outlook is starting to take a long time responding and opening my inbox at startup (takes about 10 minutes).  I am assuming thats because I have over 8400 items in the inbox.  I work with legal, so I keep all my emails and try not to delete any.. I am looking for suggestions on how to resolve the loading issues on startup with Outlook.

## Setup ##

[Outlook 2007]
-Connected to Exchange Server
--OST size is about 19GB
---Over 8000 items in INBOX

## Question ##

1. I am wanting to go through the Archive process and archive all my emails from 2012 and beyond.. From my understanding its as easy as just going to File -> Archive -> Criteria set to 1/1/2013 -> select Path to archive the PST...

So the question for this is, since I am on exchange and even though I archive everything prior to 2013, does it still keep the emails in my INBOX that is from last year?  DOes that mean after I archive I have to actually select DELETE in order to keep it from appearing?
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MrC63Connect With a Mentor Commented:
When you archive your Inbox, it removes them from the Exchange server.  It adds a new folder to your profile that contains your archived items.

Personally, I prefer to create a manual backup.  File -> Import / Export (to a .PST file), save the file to a known location (don't accept the default, you'll likely never find it again).  You can then link this file to your profile and have an exact copy of your mailbox as it is today.

After that, you have full control over what is deleted from your Exchange profile with the comfort of knowing that all of the contents are stored in the secondary backup you just made.

I would also *highly* encourage you to get a workstation with a Solid State Disk drive (SSD).  I have more than 47,000 items in my Inbox alone, and this does not include the 50 - 100 various sub folders I have.  I can search the entire Inbox in a matter of seconds thanks entirely to the performance that SSD provides.  Prior to using SSD, it would take 15 - 20 minutes to search my inbox for a phrase or file I had received via email.

JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Outlook does a great job of archiving. It will keep your archive locally and you want to back it up occasionally, but everything is there. I have 3 archives plus my local main file and mail goes back to 1996.

Open Outlook, Options and go into the Archive Settings options. Uncheck the settings that want to delete email. Do not allow anything to be deleted. Set your archive policy and location and allow Outlook to archive.

I have never lost anything as a result of archiving.

.... Thinkpads_User
Coupee46Author Commented:
Thank you both for the prompt reply.

MrC63 - Your answer help clear the air on what happens to the emails on the exchange... So the proper way to Archive would be Options -> Auto Archive and then set the criteria then proceed to click on "Apply these settings to all folders now" ? I guess with different methods to access Archiving I am kind of confused which is the correct way to do what I want to do..

1. Create the Archive PST on my network drive
2. Start the Archive and confirm it will remove from the exchange server

PS.. .I will also take your advice for the SSD.. thank you!
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Hi Coupee,

You can certainly do it that way -- and as the other Expert mentioned, the Archive function is pretty reliable.  

Personally, I prefer to do it manually.  It can take a few extra minutes, however it allows me to be sure that I am removing the appropriate items from my Exchange mailbox.  In my case, even when I am travelling, there are certain things from several years ago that I want to ensure are available to me regardless of which device, computer, or method I used to access my mailbox.  So I prefer to do a manual backup, and then manually choose which items to delete.  Essentially, it's a question of convenience versus control.  

Which version of Outlook are you using, and I can send you instructions for both methods.
JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You should not create the Archive PST on your network drive. Outlook does not like that and Microsoft does not support it. Keep it locally and back it up from time to time.

When the Archive operation starts, it removes email from the main file (on Exchange) and moves the email into the archive file.


Set to run every so many days.
Prompt before it runs.
Uncheck Delete ....
Check Archive old items.
Check Show Archive in folder list.
Set the cleanout period.
Move items to ... and select the local file.
Do NOT check or set Delete old items.

Then Apply Now if you want it to archive now.

... Thinkpads_User
Coupee46Author Commented:
Thanks everyone.. So I tried it just as thinkpads_user suggested, but it created a PST with only 256kb, thats after I clicked on Apply Now... strange..

I wil try the manual back up as suggested by MrC63..
ThinkPads_user is very accurate in his response, and is a very responsible answer.

The difference is that he has chosen convenience over accessibility.  I like to control the size of my Inbox, but there are still things from many years ago that I want to have available to me regardless whether I'm at my desktop, or travelling with my laptop.  If you archive using the archive method, then everything that is "xx" days (weeks / years) older than the date you specify is removed from your Exchange mailbox.  In my case, there are often messages from several years go that I need to have access to on a regular basis, regardless how old they are.

I also like backups, including the ability to take my "old email" forward with me to any other computer in the future.  :)

That's why I prefer to do a manual export of the entire mailbox, and then I choose which items to purge / delete, knowing that I still have a copy of them in an export (backup) file.

It's essentially the same thing, except one is faster, but with less flexibility.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Set your archive to run in 1 day and let it run itself. I don't think you got a good archive at this point. 256KB is too small.

Also make sure Clean out items older than is set correctly. I use 12 months, but 6 months is common.

.... Thinkpads_User
Coupee46Author Commented:
Thanks, I am doing a manual backup now while I mess around with this archiving.. :)

Thinkpads.. I'll set it to run in 1 day as suggested and see how it goes from there..  I will let you know, thanks.
Coupee46Author Commented:
Very strange.. Auto Archive does not work for me.. it either gives a small 256KB or it doesnt archive every folder.. I set the settings to anything older than 12 months, but many folders still have stuff from 2010, 2011 and 2012??

On the other hand, I am doing the complete manual backup of the mail server now, and will just weed out manually everything older than 2013.
JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You are using Outlook 2007 which is quite old.

Look at these two support articles.

The first one points to KB241271 that must be uninstalled for Archive to work in Outlook 2007.

The second Microsoft article may be helpful I am not sure, but take a look.

.... Thinkpads_User
I hope you mean you're doing a manual backup of your Mailbox, not the entire server?
Coupee46Author Commented:
Thanks Thinkpad I will look at those articles.

MrC63, yes I am only doing a manual backup of my local mailbox not the server :D ..
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