2012 Essentials Anywhere Access Certificate

In the past, while setting up SBS2003, we have used self signed certificates for Remote Web Workplace.  I am setting up my first Server 2012 Essentials and looks like Anywhere Access is asking for a valid certificate.  Does 2012 Essential no longer let you create a self signed cert?
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NiceCuppaTeaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It does let you use a self signed cert but windows vista/7/8 wont let you connect RDP using an untrusted cert so basically you have to go to each machine that will want to connect to/via the server and import the SBS servers CA certificate to the trusted root CA's container.

Either that or grab one of those £10 godaddy certificates for remote.yourdomain.com that should then cover exchange/rdp/everything else as SBS pipes everything through your "remote" domain name.
ptsolutionsincAuthor Commented:
I purchased a 5 year certificate from Godaddy.
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