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SBS: Wont boot after a couple of changes

Hi All,

I was doing some work on a customers Small business Server 2011;

* Installed Microsoft Web Installer PHP
* Uncheck IPv6
* Plugged in an external USB hard drive

Now the computer gets stuck at applying computer settings.

I've unplugged the USB drive and logged in via safemode to readd IPv6.  But the server still just hangs at applying computer settings.

I tried to uninstall Microsoft Web Installer PHP, but it returns the following error;

installer service could not be accessed

Any suggestions?
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Haresh Nikumbh
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Is this server is properly booting in safe mode ?

if yes then Disable start value from 1 to 4


and then boot server again in normal mode
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Yes it is booting into safe mode.

Which number should i start with ?
IPSec doesnt exist
this Small Business Server 2011 Std doesnt have that reg hive
You sure your on the correct question?
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Haresh Nikumbh
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have you tried this ?
I've tried the disable IPv6 regkey without any luck
I've not done this one.


Is there a way to uninstall the software in safemode

This key is found in sbs 2003 not for sbs 2011

which software you want to uninstall from safemode ?
I installed Microsoft Web Installer PHP, which installed a few things.  I've removed it, but the server still wont start.
Sorted the boot issue by uninstalling all of the software (C++ thingy was causing the issue).

I added a key called MSIService with a default value of Service to

rebooted into safemode with networking and uninstalled them all.

Everything appears to be working, but no emails coming through.  I'll raise another question for help on that.
Good to know you solved it