Network Design with trusted and untrusted VLANs

I'm designing a network upgrade that includes 3 VLANs. 2 for wired and wireless trusted devices and a 3rd for untrusted public wireless devices. I'm new to VLANs and have researching enough to get the concept and create a design, but lack the experience to leverage for any of the finer details.
See the attached layout - I'm working with SonicWall to determine whether their NSA policy-based routing will suffice for the needed routing to allow two of the VLANs to communicate. I'm curious if anyone has any experience to lend for how the switch is connected to the firewall. With the NSA series, each port can be configured to be used as needed and I'm particularly security conscious now that we will be using the same LAN for trusted and intrusted traffic.
If anyone has an experience-based opinion or any potential "gotchas" for this type of design, I would be grateful for the input. Thanks-
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ironkernelConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Already found the answer myself. Please close.
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