Bad Gateway when try access xenapp Site.

Hello Everybody

i'm installed Xenapp 5.0 on windows server 2008 standard edition and installed web Interface and configured site and published application .

i configured SSL certificate from Go Daddy and installed xenapp host on my PC.
and when try to connect give me firstly loading page after second translate to Bad Gateway page ??? snapshot to two page in attach.

why the site didn't redirect me to authentication page ???
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CanadianITSConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Firstly Thanks for your Answer.
But i found the issue . in IIS the Default Site Was stopped because the port 443 in use so
after change the site port to 444 " or any empty port " every thing working good.
Hi CanadianITS,

If you have tracing enabled, try disabling it.
CanadianITSAuthor Commented:
This Solution Solved My Issue . Thanks
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