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Hi, are there any tools for building facebook business pages? Especially building them offline?

I have tried to build one myself, and it doesn't seem that hard to do, but I got companies calling all the time, and then try to convince me that I should use them instead... one of their arguments is that they don't build the pages by hand, but use tools to do it, that makes it a lot easier to manage (change the topimage, handle the galleries and so on.). And one of them claimed that they could build it offline, and not upload it until everything is ready, instead of building it while people can see the mistakes you are doing.

Now, my question is, what tools are they talking about, and can you recommend any of them?
I found this list of tools on google: http://facebook-fan-page-creation-tools.toptenreviews.com/

Please let me know if you can recommend a powerful tool for building up a powerful facebook page for my brothers company.

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Scott Fell, EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Developer & EE ModeratorCommented:
> because everyone else got one, and all these guys keep calling trying to convince him it's a great idea.

Sounds like he is a good mark.  Can I have is number and call him to try and convince him of my services?

Part of what I do with my clients is letting them know up front what types of sales pitches they will get and how to handle them.  A good one is, "We did some research on your site for SEO and found these items; x,y, and z are hurting your site..."  Unfortunately, people can't tell they are form letters and a sales pitch AND they want to buy the silver bullet.

I find when you do what the client wants, you get into trouble. Sometimes that means walking away, and other times it means waiting  for them to have a "learning experience".   Your brother is looking for you to be the expert.  Don't let him have a learning experience and take control.  

If you want to make your own, https://developers.facebook.com/docs/web/ but really, just using the default page is the way to go and only effort needed.
this one works fine :)

And you can use one page / one tab for free

Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Watch that the "tools" are not actually facebook apps and you are using an app as your "page".  An app sits on a webserver that is either yours or the 3rd party.  If you rely on a 3rd party, you are at their mercy.

Don't rely on facebook as your brothers main point of communication and don't put too much effort into facebook.  The user base is going down and facebook does not show your content to everybody unless you pony up the bucks.    

Just use the default business page and upload the main image and thumb.  From there, each day add some good content that teases to going to YOUR BROTHER'S site.  All other social media should be pointing to your brother's site as well.

Make sure he has a google plus page. Not so much for users but it is the new google local and that's how you show up on the map and g+ is used in google search results as well.   Twitter, linkedin, pintrest, youtube also good.

The key is watch that you don't get all excited and post content for 2 weeks then quit.   Avoid over using "auto posting" tools. Just spend an hour or every other day and post to a couple of these things.  And more important, make sure you have a blog/article area on his site that gets updated on a regular basis.  1 to 7 days a week is good.
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zquarerootAuthor Commented:
TvMpt >>> I saw this list of programs, but it just makes me cross eyed. I tried to make a bit manually, but I would like to make it as pro as those companies, that keeps calling...
Which one is the BEST or are there any defacto standard app, like PhotoShop is for photoediting?

Padas >>> True, I don't get the point either, I never use any companies social pages either, but I promised to do it because everyone else got one, and all these guys keep calling trying to convince him it's a great idea. :-/
zquarerootAuthor Commented:
Didn't really answer my question, but owell.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I'm sorry it was a long answer to just say, If you want to make your own, https://developers.facebook.com/docs/web/ but really, just using the default page is the way to go and only effort needed.

A facebook app is really just a fancy framed web page(s) hosted on your server.   It could be as simple as an html page that you register with FB.  The average person will not be able to see it is framed.  Any type of data collection and serverside function are done on your end.
zquarerootAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I sounded harsh. :)

I digged into it myself, and it appears that tools like these offer what I was searching for:
It's a CMS online that offers to host those static pages, that you need to have framed.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Exactly, you can do it for free if you want to use tumblr for instance or even the free hosted wordpress or, if you know how to make a website/page, the current site but it needs to be in it's own folder.  

If you use a 3rd party site like that, you don't have control over YOUR content.
zquarerootAuthor Commented:
Hmm true.

But if I want to make facebook pages for 10 different people, and I want them to have their own login in case they want to change some static stuff on the static pages. Then it's impossible with any known CMS isn't it??

I mean, if my uncles bakery want a facebook page, and I don't want him to call me all the time to change this weeks special offer, but I want him to be able to change it himself. (and similar with the other 9 people who I might be going to make a facebook pages for...)

Which CMS offers this??
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
it would be a lot easier if your uncle would just post to the main facebook page for things like special.  Use social media to bring people to your site, not replace it.

The only reason to have an "app" is to collect data on facebook.

If your uncle has a wordpress site, just make a new page not linked from anywhere and save it so the url looks something like www.bakery.com/apps/fb/specials

Then use the link I provided to create an app for him in facebook where you are just sucking in the page  www.bakery.com/apps/fb/specials

Now, your uncle can do everything he wants in one cms.

If it was me, I would design a data drive site so your uncle can enter in specials.  Then the database can create a feed, web pages, feed to twitter, facebook et.

If uncle is not paying, then I would set uncle up with wordpress free or tumblr.  Point his domain to the wordpress/tumblr url.
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