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I've one Excel sheet with a list of applications and another one with a list of Computer names and the installed Software on everyone. I Need a sheet with all Computer names which have any Software installed of the first list. have someone any idea?
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Anthony MellorConnect With a Mentor Chartered AccountantCommented:
here's one way to do it:

helper column-vlookup-pivot results.
Milind KoyandeCommented:

You can use Vloopup function of Excel to compare an merge to sheets, but for that you will have to copy the content of second list to a sheet of first list.

Check following links for more help:
Anthony MellorChartered AccountantCommented:
MS Query using a Join, will work on itself within one file.

Alternatively VLookups will do it, but the above has no limits compared to Vlookup.
If small volume then maybe vlookups, if large volume then MS Query
I think we need to see the layout to actually write anything without guessing.

Powerpivot would do it too, but that's maybe a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Upload an example for more please.
EneboerAuthor Commented:
i've uploaded an example.
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