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I have two sharepoint sites on the same server. The main sharepointpoint site is called http://companyintranet which has a link for each users my site http://companymysite
When users on the local domain go to http://companyintranet they can click on a link for their my site and get directed to http://companymysite and all works well.
In order for users in the other domain to access http://companyintranet I had to setup a dns record called companyintranet which points to the IP of the Sharepoint server. This also works fine, however when they click on the companymysite link the page times out as it does not know where http://companymysite is.

Simple I thought add another A record for companymysite however I get an error when I try to add another "A" record as the IP is already being used. I also get an error when I try add a cname for companymysite and point it to the already in place companyintranet record.

What is the best way of doing this. Thanks
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footechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be able to add as many A records with different names as you want that point to the same IP.  You can also create as many as you want with the same name that point to different IPs.  You should only get an error if you try to create more than one with the same name that points to the same IP.
Your other domain should be set up with stub zones, conditional forwarders, or secondary zones in order to resolve names in the first domain.  You could set up a primary zone for the first domain and create just the records that you want, but then you have to manage the records independently in both domains.  It's best to use stub zones or conditional forwarders.
What about creating a Cname "alias" record?
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
Yes I mentioned CNAME in my original post but it doesn't work and gives me error : A new record cannot be created. An alias (CNAME) record cannot be added to this DNS name. The dns name contains records that are incompatible with the CNAME record.
Sorry.  I totally missed that.
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
I think a full zone transfer maybe the only option but I am reluctant as am unsure if this has any security implications.
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